Geographicfarm Launches Conversionpro Telemarketing Service

PHOENIX, ARIZONA (August 09, 2016) - GeographicFarm continues to expand on its services designed to help real estate agents dominate their markets with the launch of ConversionPRO, its full-service telemarketing product designed to dramatically increase conversions, turn prospects into clients, and land more listings.

ConversionPRO is the latest in GeographicFarm’s complete line of lead-generation and conversion products that are focused on helping real estate agents grow their businesses in a way that is both cost- and time-effective and offers maximum return on their marketing investment.

“We live in a 24/7 world, where prospects expect an immediate response. Keeping a potential client waiting even 20 minutes can be the difference between converting or losing the lead,” says Jeff Campbell, CEO. “ConversionPRO gives real estate agents a proven, turnkey, rapid-response system for converting leads before they lose interest or move on to another agent.”

ConversionPRO lets agents follow up quickly without becoming overwhelmed, making sure that prospects receive a reply, whether by phone, text or email, within 5 minutes. And because not every lead will be ready to buy or sell right away, GeographicFarm will customize a complete follow up strategy, delivered across multiple media channels, designed to nurture leads, so that they will feel confident doing business with the agent when they are ready to move forward.

“Depending on the package you choose, we will handle all of the follow up communication ― all the way up to setting appointments and data management ― so real estate agents can focus on locking down listings,” says Matthew Morrison, Sales Manager.

Along with the recent launch of GeographicFarm Digital™ for ad management, ConversionPRO brings GeographicFarm an unparalleled level of multi-channel reach, marketing expertise and inside sales experience to help real estate agents capture, nurture and convert leads.

“What separates GeographicFarm is our unique combination of 20-plus years of successful experience in direct response marketing, coupled with a deep understanding the online space and complete mastery of multi-channel communications,” Campbell says.

About GeographicFarm
GeographicFarm is a new concept in turnkey, cost-effective real estate business development ― a 360° marketing and media company dedicated to helping real estate agents grow their brands, improve business and increase their bottom line. We make lead generation and conversion consistent, automated and effective, so real estate agents have more time to focus on closing sales and earning commissions!

About ConversionPRO
GeographicFarm’s flagship service, ConversionPRO, leverages 20+ years of direct response marketing expertise to craft turnkey direct mail campaigns and “speed to lead” phone, email and text follow-up.

About GeographicFarm Digital™
GeoFarmDigital automates the creation, testing and optimization of customized, geo-targeted Facebook ads. This automated customization combines the benefits of authentic, hyper-local messaging, with the efficiency of an optimized national campaign, all running on the platform that was named Facebooks 2015 Innovator of the Year.

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