How to Test Medical Protective Clothing Impact Resistance

Medical protective clothing impact resistance testing can guarantee the effective protection of user. Impact resistance property testing can be classified as dart impact and pendulum impact.

A.     Labthink BMC-B1 Falling Dart Impact Tester: is applicable in quality and energy testing of plastic films and sheets under the attack of free-falling dart at given heights, according to free-falling dart theory.

Principle: Before starting the test, choose test method, and estimate an initial mass and Δm. Start the test. If the first specimen fails, decrease the mass of the falling dart by Δm. If the first specimen is not a failure, increase the mass of the falling dart by Δm. Continue the test according to this rule. In brief, increase or decrease by Δm according to whether the former specimen is a failure or not. After 20 specimens, calculate the total number of failed specimens N. If N equals to 10, the test is over. If N is less than 10, add specimens and continue to test until N equals to 10. If N is greater than 10, add specimen and continue the test until the number of non-failure specimens reaches 10. Then the tester calculates the test results automatically according to specific formulas.

B.      Labthink FIT-01 Film Impact Tester: is applicable to evaluate the force damaging the plastic film, laminated film, sheet and foil sample with its hemisphere head falling at certain speeds, so as to bring forward shock resistance evaluation of the material by measuring the consumed energy of the head.

Principle: The impact resistance of films could be obtained by measuring the energy consumed by hemispheric impact head to make films ruptured, under the certain impacting conditions.


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