The Philosophy Of The Advantages Of CAD-CAM Software: CNC Simulation Made Simple

CAD-CAM software adds to the time saving aspect of variety CNC machine shops, besides a wide variety of design and CNC programming benefits. These same shops even save money by not scrapping the parts because they used CAD-CAM Simulation. The aspect of simulation has steadily advanced since the last 10 years and has become a critical aspect of off-line programming.

Many of the improvements are in computer hardware and graphics capabilities and its a fact that there is much improvements in the simulation in CAM software products coupled with the fact that simulation technology is now more easily accessed and more quite affordable.

Since all CAD/CAM products don’t include or offer full machine simulation , so CNC businesses insist that they have machine simulation.

What are the reasons you want machine simulation for your shop?…The list might have a few in your mind:

  • You can prevent the cut paths of your program before physically machining the part.

  • The simulation functions will help you to set machine travel limits.

  • The simulation helps you to check for any errors on the part, including tool,machine and tool holder collisions.

  • Machine simulation that would allow to utilize machines Kinematics is going to help visually see your machine tool in action.

  • You can see exactly how the finished part will look cut on your machine in a virtual environment.

  • You can turn on and off the simulated machine or there is transparency in the simulation process for close part inspection.

  • Ease to calculate machine cycle times on part programs.

  • Even machine-Part Deviation is available.

These are just a few of the many benefits with the biggest benefit is eliminating the wastage part as you end up no longer scrapping parts due to programming errors.

Machined Part Deviation

This acts as a diagnostic tool that allows a user to determine tolerance ranges for part deviation and display them on the cut model. The simulation analysis exists for the user to determine colors to various deviation tolerances. This functionality would help to see exactly where left-over material will be not only for milling tool-paths but for drilling operations too.

This tab is user friendly and is customizable. And this type of analysis helps the programmer to define surface finishes and using this powerful feature to eliminate guesswork can allow programmers work more confidently and efficiently.

Deviation Analysis will help you in a number of ways:

  • Properly select and set up tool-path finishing operations

  • Address the tools you are using for the program…..and many more.

Advanced Machine Simulation

Machine Simulation helps to use machine Kinematics to simulate the actual machines motion as well as the tool-path operations and more. Machine creation begins with a machine definition to define each element of the machine and then the parameters are defined for each element of the machine.

For any machine configuration the machine has a base; its the foundation upon which the machine is built. Every machine element is attached to the base and sometimes other machine element. The relationship of all of the machine elements, the way they are connected and in which way they move, defines how the machine is created.

Once the data is feed into the software, the machine simulation possibly gives the operator everything he or she would need to fully view the CNC machine tool in action.

A added advantage of BobCAD-CAM CNC Software is that it includes “Dynamic Elements.”

The dynamic elements has the ability to change with each NC program. The Workpiece Transform includes the tool-path, stock, fixture, initial stock and the workpiece. Generally, you do not have to define geometry for each of these items because they are defined by each program that you create. This holds true for the Holder Transform elements.

Machine simulation provides dynamic viewing features and by changing the Machine Housing view you can see the different modes of the machine tool.

To conclude, Machine Simulation features are very informative for the operator before the program is run on the CNC machine tool.

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