Classic Towing is Your Trusted and Reliable Semi and Heavy Towing Expert in Naperville

For people in need of heavy duty towing in Chicago, the suburbs and Northwest Indiana, you can always rely on Classic Towing. They have been in the industry for over 25 years. With multiple dispatch centers strategically located throughout the Chicagoland area, their team will be able to respond quickly to every towing and roadside assistance need. So, whether you are in need of semi or heavy towing in Naperville and neighboring areas, they will get to you the soonest possible time. With unsurpassed service at competitive rates, they are indeed at the top of the list.

For many commercial and industrial businesses, a disabled semi-truck, big-rig tractor, box truck and other similar vehicles bring forth huge impact on your bottom line. Low production is bad for businesses, and this is something that Classic Towing understands. They know that once a truck or equipment shuts down, it needs to have the necessary works or repairs to get back on track as soon as possible because the longer the downtime, the greater the loss. In such unfortunate circumstances, the company’s fleet of heavy duty wreckers and Landoll trailers will get your trucks and equipment to your preferred repair shops to help you back up and running. They also provide over-the-road long haul service for those stuck in another state who need to get back to Naperville or the Chicagoland area.

The company is equipped with certified and highly trained operators, together with state-of-the-art heavy duty wreckers that will help you get you out of the most challenging situations. The services they offer include jumpstarting, diesel delivery, winching-out, lockout service, and heavy and semi towing in Naperville. They also perform tractor swaps and will travel anywhere in the country to bring you back to your home. If one of your business branches is in need of a functional tractor, they will tow it for you, swap out the disabled vehicle, and bring it back to your company or to a repair facility and have the necessary works done.

Additionally, Classic Towing also provides Landoll flatbed trailer service. If you are transporting construction equipment, other heavy machinery, and even disabled or damaged trucks and non-rolling wheels, axle flatbeds found in Landoll trailers is the preferred choice by many customers and experts alike. These feature the lowest load angles in the industry with capacities ranging from five to 55 tons. Its tilt bed design and patented traveling undercarriage roller system make the Landoll trailer one of the most reputable names in the trailer industry.

Aside from semi and heavy towing in Naperville, the company also offers roadside assistance for anyone stranded on or off road. When you run out of fuel and the next gas station is miles away, just give them a call and they will deliver diesel to wherever you are. If your engine or battery suddenly dies on you and you do not have the tools and the right knowledge to perform a jumpstart, they have the technicians who are well-versed in this process, helping you back on the road in the least possible time. As for those who may have locked themselves out of their vehicles, you don’t have to risk damaging the lock system by force-opening the doors, or worse break the windows. With just a call to Classic Towing, they will send a locks expert to take care of your problem. They constantly update their knowledge base especially with more modern car models of today to be able to offer professional service even with the most recent models.

Aside from load-shifts, load transfers, decking, and un-decking, the company also does basic auto repair so that when you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere and in need of simple repairs, they can help you without the need to bring your vehicle to a repair shop. They also offer roll-over recovery, low bridge recovery winching and lifts.

Finally, Classic Towing also has a certified dive team that is capable of recovering vehicles fully submerged underwater. For all those who need heavy or semi towing in Naperville and surrounding areas, they are the company you can always rely on. They also offer roadside assistance that will help you out of any road situation and get you back on track. For more details on their services, you can give them a call at 630-364-2215.