Sandee Lewis, NP; 5 non-surgical weight loss tips

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - Everybody's weight loss journey is different. Whether you have been struggling with weight for most of your life or you have some excess fat from having children, Sandee Lewis, NP sees patients who are interested in losing weight without surgery. "We review your medical history, perform a detailed history, physical exam and obtain a comprehensive lab panel and come up with a plan that fits your weight loss goals and your lifestyle," explained Sandee.
There are many ways you can improve your health and lose weight. Here are Sandee's 5 non-surgical weight loss tips:
1. "Eat healthy! Make sure you eat 3-4 small, healthy meals a day while monitoring portion control."
2. "H2O! Drink at least 2 liters/ 64 oz of water every day! (Put down the soda and look the other way when you drive by coffee shops!)"
3. "Get moving! Exercise is so important, even if it's only for 10 minutes per day. Work it into your schedule and eventually it will be a routine."
4. "Get plenty of rest! Did you know that lack of sleep leads to increased calorie intake?"
5. "Reduce stress! Meditation, listening to music and EXERCISE are all great for stress relief."
If you're interested in a weight loss consultation with Sandee Lewis, NP or you have questions regarding insurance coverage or other information about SageWest Medical Group's weight loss services, call 307-857-3488.