"No business in Casper needs to be failing because somebody told them that they are failing."

(Casper, Wyo.) - "We are booming right now, our business is booming and we are screaming into 2016! We have had increases in everything from our training, lodging and the biggest growth has come from our doggy daycare," exclaimed Sit Means Sit Dog Training's Garrett Neufeld.
Neufeld reported that he recently read an article about how tough it is to live in Wyoming with the down trend in the oil/gas industry and how local businesses are suffering. Neufeld shook his head at this, as his team at Sit Means Sit are doing what it takes to continue to be successful.
"The secret? I don't know if there is a secret to our success. I would say that one of the biggest things is a difference in attitude. While some see things as problems, we see them as opportunities. As a society, we see so much negativity in our lives, from television, news and everywhere," Neufeld said. "No business in Casper needs to be failing because somebody told them that they are failing."
The team at Sit Means Sit Dog Training wanted to share their successes with the community and rattle a few cages.
Neufeld explained how businesses around Casper seem to be failing because of a lack of what he called, "massive action within their industry".
"We aren't only here to help people with their dog problems, we are also here to help the community expand and grow together. I want to see Wyoming succeed, and to me there is no reason a business should not be succeeding."
He continued to share some of the tips that he has learned over the years that has helped Sit Means Sit grow, change and flourish in an economic bust.
"We are in charge of our own economy, and when things contract, we want to expand. Some things that we have done include making sure that we give back to our community, that is what is important during times like these."
Cindy Patterson working in her marker board office with Sookie.
Neufeld continued to share some of his team's practices which includes:
  • Following up with past and present clients.
  • A positive attitude (A No Negativity Zone at Sit Means Sit).
  • Making sure your employees are happy.
  • Being dedicated to what you're doing.
  • Putting in the leg work to appease client(s).
  • Time Efficiency and maximizing every minute.
  • Dressing and carrying yourself like a winner.
  • Putting a smile on your face everyday.
"Before my feet hit the floor to get out of bed in the morning, I am thinking about what I can do to give back. I try not to dwell on the negatives in life and I take massive action towards bettering myself and Sit Means Sit," commented Neufeld.
Sit Means Sit offers owners a chance to help their pets learn obedience, and the staff at Sit Means Sit offers the owners a chance to grow themselves.
A final thought from Neufeld, "When we are born, we are shown what success is and what success is suppose to look like, but the reality is, we make our own successes."
To learn more about Sit Means Sit and to connect with the team contact them at (307)251-7784 or check them out on Facebook!
Sit Means Sit Dog Training, 736 N. Glenn Rd, Casper, WY
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