The Dubois Museum's "A Look at the Past" Exhibit focuses on Joe and Mary Back

Dubois Museum & Wind River Historical Center has a new temporary exhibit featuring Joe and Mary Back that will be on display through December.

Joe and Mary Back were well known artists from Dubois. They moved to Dubois in the 1930’s and lived the rest of their lives in the Dubois area doing various things from outfitting to their art work.

Joe excelled in painting, drawing, writing and sculptures. Mary was supportive in everything Joe did. Mary excelled in painting and drawing, as well as teaching art, and being involved in civic things like helping develop the Dubois Library.

On display are five paintings and drawings of Joe’s, a painting and a drawing of Mary’s and a sculpture of Joe’s. We also have the book “Mary’s Way” for sale in the gift shop, which talks about the life of Mary and Joe. This would be a great Christmas present idea for someone that appreciates the area history and the Backs.

Photo Caption:

Joe Back’s Painting on Display

Photo credit: Johanna Thompson Dubois Museum