Different E-liquid Flavors: A Quick Look

Nicotine-filled, 100% tobacco free e-cigarettes have been proved to be no lesser than a boon for all those who want to quit tobacco. The addicts find it hard to give up the urge and hence absolutely harmless e-cigs are recommended for them. These cigs are available in different flavors and juices that cost you nothing and do not ruin your health. Let us find out the various e-liquid flavors available in the market.

E-Liquid Flavors: What Do they Contain?

Each of the e-liquid flavor contains Propylene glycol that is market PG, Vegetable Glycerin that is marked VG. That apart, each e-liquid flavor gas seven different nicotine densities. So, there are seven different types of e-liquids available in the market. Along with the e-cig starter kits, cartomizers, cartridges, you can select e-liquids of your choice.

They are Flavors For Every Occasion:

Though there are cheap e-juices available in the market as well, but if you want the best e-juice you need to invest money. If you do not have budget constraints go for the popular and the best e-juice brand which can taste superb. There are a variety of choices available in the market, you can get them from a physical shop or consider purchasing them online. Here is a quick look of the popular e-cigs flavors.

Chocolate flavor:

If you have a sweet tooth and cannot and feel the urge of having something sweet frequently chocolate is the flavor for you.

Vanilla Flavor:

This flavor is one of the most popular ones. It is mildly sweet and its classic taste is enjoyed by many.

Pineapple Flavor:

This flavor evokes the sensation of having this hard-skinned tropical fruit.

Lemon Flavor:

If you prefer a tart over sweet then lemon is the favor for you.


If you like a brewed taste in your mouth, just like a cup of coffee, you need to choose this flavor.


If this juicy fruit is in your favorite list, then the flavor is just right for you.


This flavor is meant to provide you an utter sensation of cooling inside your mouth.

There are other flavors as well like bubble gum, grapes, cream soda, peppermint and caramel mocha etc.