DBfresh Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Received Positive Response from Amazon Buyers

USA - DBFresh launched its mosquito repellent bracelets and patches through Amazon a few months ago and the products were recently showered with positive user reviews. According to DBFresh, the Amazon listed and verified seller, the product kit contains 10 pack bracelets and 6 Smily patches in a zip-lock bag. They added that they have received quite a few positive reviews from existing customers of the natural mosquito repellent bracelet on Amazon. The positive reviews from Amazon buyers reflect the overall market response, according to the manufacturers of the DEET-free no-spray and non-toxic mosquito repellents.

Julie F, a customer who has voted and reviewed more than 100 products listed on Amazon till now, wrote on Amazon that she received the natural mosquito repellent bracelet in an resalable package. She wrote that the product worked fine in a place surrounded by woods, where bugs are a common nuisance. She also added that the various color options available make the bug repellent bracelet attractive for kids too. Overall, she gave the product five out of five stars on Amazon.

Another satisfied customer, Margie, described the mosquito repellent bracelet as a natural alternative to all those mosquito coils and chemical-based bug repellents. She particularly liked the all-organic repellent just because it is completely free of DEET.

Kelly Young, media manager for DBFresh, picked up and aggregated the positive reviews on Amazon before she spoke to the press. She said, “The sheer amount of positive reviews which we have received on Amazon shows that the bug repellent bracelets are really picking up in popularity. The bug repellent bracelets provide complete outdoor protection and the users who have already used it can testify to this fact”.

“The mosquito repellent bracelet is suitable for both adults and kids. We have used natural active ingredients such as lemongrass, Geraniol and Citronella in these bug repellent bracelets. We believe anybody using it outdoors, whether out in the garden or for camping activities can successfully stave off the pestering bugs. Each mosquito repellent bracelet provides more than 2500 hours of protection against bugs”, Kelly added during a press conference where he announced about the new user reviews that they have received.

About the Company

DBFresh is a renowned manufacturer of wearable bug repellents.

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