Rodeo Fair Royalty 5k/10k nearly turned into tragedy for local boy.

The Fremont County Rodeo and Fair Royalty hosted a 5k/10k fundraising race Tuesday evening.  Proceeds from the race will go to help with travel and other expenses that come with representing our county. They had roughly 29 participants and offered games and activities for kids including roping and water activities. They are still taking donations if anyone is interested in helping.

Although the weather was beautiful, the event was for a good cause and the participants had a lot of fun; it turned into near tragedy for one family. Sarah Remacle was running the race; with her 3 children on their bikes, when her 9 year old boy was struck by a car at the intersection of College Hill and Main St . According to witnesses, the light was green as Isaiah peddled into the intersection and a car turning right on red did not see him. The car crashed into Isaiah and his bike sending the small boy into the driver's windshield. Cora, Isaiah's older sister was right behind him and watched the whole thing.  Sarah, who was maybe 100 yards away said, "I thought he was dead. I thought I running up to my dead child. I have never run so fast in my life." She said we was so glad there were other people there to call 911. "All I could think about was tending to my son and making sure he was okay."

 Responders were quick to the scene and Isaiah is miraculously okay. His bike, however, is not. The family even finished the race with a time of 49 minutes. Sarah posted a picture on Facebook of her and her kids, including a smiling Isaiah, that night thanking everyone who helped and the racers who sacrificed their race times to stop and help her family. Isaiah now thinks he is Iron Man having survived such an ordeal. 

Sarah would like to stress that she hopes this doesn't stop organizations from including kids and sponsoring kid friendly events. She feels it is important that our community support activities that encourage families and physical health. She hopes, as do all of us, that drivers will exercise caution especially in these summer months as more people are outside sharing the roads. We are very lucky this story has a happy ending. It so easily could not.

Photo credit: Sarah Remacle