Shane has labored long enough and thinks you have too. Check out these new ways to rest from your labor

Happy Labor Day from Gambles! Shane has worked up some over-the-top deals to help you take a break from the work and relax. These are deals and new products you really can’t afford to miss…
So it’s no secret that Shane likes to sleep at work – so he pulled some strings and got something pretty cool. Ever been on vacation and said “OMG I wish I could take this bed home with me!!” Well now you can. Seal Posturepedic Luxury Resort Beds are here for the NEXT TWO WEEKS ONLY.
These are the same beds used by Wynn Resorts and the exclusive Treasure Island Las Vegas destination. Shane has firm, plush and pillow top models and you can even special order these little pieces of heaven. These beds are top of the line and normally only commercially available. Regular price is $1500 dollars, but Gambles will have them for $799 during the Labor Day Sale (starting today for 2 weeks).
The full La-Z-Boy Line is also on sale at Gambles. Recliners, reclining sofas, stationary sofas and love seats and even queen size hide-a-beds can all be purchased at 20% – 50% off. That is if Shane and Matthew will wake up to help you.
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Question: Do Astronauts get Labor Day off? Shane doesn’t know the answer, but he does carry TempurPedic mattresses. The same product used to protect the astronauts from all those g-forces. There’s nothing else like it and TempurPedic NEVER lets Shane discount them. So don’t trip over anyone as you run to get up to $500 off when you buy the adjustable base too. You can also get 48 Month 0% Financing WAC.
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Also celebrating Labor Day, Gambles has some crazy stuff to help you relax in style. Shane has ONLY 1 SunHeat 2 person Sauna. It’s infared technology allows a dry heat up to 151 degrees. Different colored LED lights provide “chromatherapy” while you listen to the AM/FM Radio or CD Player that’s adjustable from inside the unit. Enjoy a 5 year warranty on this product. $2100 is what this model is going for… first come, first served. There can be only one!
Shane also has outdoor heating lamps with LED lights and tubes that force the propane flame to “float” before your very eyes. No need to entertain your guests when you buy one of these from Gambles!
It’s the Labor Day Sale – come in and rest from your labor at Gambles!
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