Syoptek International Rolled out Large Collection of Fiber Optic Testing Tools and Equipment


Shenzhen, China - Syoptek International, a global leader in the field of manufacturing and supplying fiber optic tools, recently announced that their latest collection of fiber optic testers, including the fiber optic inspection probe, optical power meter and light source, visual fault locator, and OTDR products have already hit the store. The owners of the China based manufacturing firm told the press that the latest fiber optic tester products are now available on wholesale basis and interested buyers can write to their sales department to specify the quantity they need and get free price quotes in return.

The company recently rolled out more than hundred products in different categories for the field technicians. The owners informed the press that they are in the process of expanding their inventory to meet increasing demand for OTDR and other fiber optic testing tools and equipment.

“As per some market analysts, the fiber optic testing market would be worth in the upwards of 900 million USD by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 4%. We believe that the tools that we are now offering are not enough and we need to emphasize more on research and development to edge past our competitors”, said the marketing head of Syoptek International during a press conference.

Since its inception, Syoptek International has gradually established itself as a go-to store for field technicians looking for pragmatic fiber optic cabling solutions. The technical experts working for the company are highly knowledgeable in the fields of fiber optic cabling, assembling and troubleshooting. The company now manufactures a wide range of fiber optic testing tools equipment, including but not limited to visual fault locator, various types of switches and microscopes, epoxy, dispensers of various sorts and tool kits.

“Among all the products that we manufacturing, and not to forget the fiber optic tester products that we have released of late, the fiber optic tool kits are the most popular. From the sales data that we have got from the wholesale market, it seems that the tool kits that we are offering are now are high in demand”, the CEO of Syoptek International told the press.

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