Diavolo Showcases Daredevil Physicality, Athletics and Daring

Diavolo closes the Barclay’s 25th anniversary season dance series 

Irvine Barclay Theatre
4242 Campus Drive, Irvine CA | 949.854.4646

Diavolo: Architecture in Motion
Saturday, May 14, 2016 at 8pm
Tickets: $100, $49, $40

Part of the 2016 Contemporary Dance Series
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Diavolo’s Jacques Heim describes his company’s work as “architecture in motion.” Heim is trained in architecture and is fascinated by the built environment and how humans interact with and are influenced by it. Those who are familiar with Heim’s other works know that they often incorporate elaborate structures that support and inform the trademark physicality of his dancers.

Closing the theatre’s 25th anniversary season’s dance series, Diavolo will present an evening of dance showcasing Diavolo's daredevil physicality. Diavolo takes movement, athletics and daring, reinvents dance and theater, and from it all creates surreal tableaux on a grand scale.

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All Choreography by The Company, under the direction of Jacques Heim

Humachina II

(Recreation 2015, West Coast Premiere)

Humachina is an exploration of mankind’s oldest and ongoing relationship with the evolution of innovation. The invention of the wheel set into motion the discovery of both the folly and fortitude of the human capacity and capability to cooperate as a society. Through the power of community, our propensity to discover and understand the complex world around and within us reveals limitless abilities to open uncharted pathways to new worlds and new solutions.

Original Choreography: The Company of 1999
Concept and Direction: Jacques Heim
Choreography: The Company
Music: Bruno Louchouarn


The Making of L.O.S.T. [Losing One’s Self Temporarily]

Produced by Jennifer Cheng
Commissioned by the Cheng Family Foundation

As the popular saying goes, “there are always two sides to every coin.” In DIAVOLO, that coin is L.O.S.T. [Losing One’s Self Temporarily] and the two sides are Passengers and Cubicle. The show, L.O.S.T., explores how our physical space can affect and manipulate our identities. Passengers [Part 1] features everyday inspired characters who embark on a journey together aboard an abstract train, a journey that slowly takes over their individual identities. Cubicle [Part 2] features an environment that compresses the individual into one singular identity, wiping out their uniqueness until they physically remove their uniforms, breaking free from the establishment, revealing their true selves. Join Artistic Director, Jacques Heim, for a unique and creative conversation about the concept, process and creation of DIAVOLO’s newest show, L.O.S.T. [Losing One’s Self Temporarily]. Featured in this talk will be a montage of photos and videos of the journey of the show, illuminating the formation of the concept; photos and videos of rehearsals; interviews with the Creative Team; concluding with a showing of the Work-in-Progress of Passengers [Part 1] and after intermission, the full performance of Cubicle [Part 2].


Part 1: Passengers (2016)

From the moment we wake up, we set in motion a chain of actions that has us catching up — catching up to lost time, missed trains, heavy traffic and looming deadlines. We become unwitting PASSENGERS of our own lives as we saunter and bump along with the vehicle called life. Reckoning with themes of journey and transition, we see the harmonious yet tumultuous balance between the identities of passenger and driver and how each individual is a complex embodiment of both.

Concept and Direction: Jacques Heim
Choreography: Leandro Glory Damasco Jr. with the choreographic collaboration by the DIAVOLO dancers
Dramaturg and Artistic Consultant: Stephan Koplowitz
Music: Bruno Louchouarn


Part 2: Cubicle (2015)

Set in an abstract corporate America, Cubicle explores the human condition under cramped control and a monotonous reality, exposing an underlying counterbalance between freedom andanarchy in the workplace. Anonymity and confinement set the pace in this corporate sea of grey as we witness a multitude of shifting landscapes as abstract representations of a familiar work environment. We witness the struggle to maintain a sense of individuality on the corporate climb as the performers, boxing in both their sanity and distinctiveness, labor against a homogenized work mentality, finding solidarity only within themselves and each other.

Concept and Direction: Jacques Heim
Choreography: Leandro Glory Damasco Jr. with the choreographic collaboration by the DIAVOLO dancers
Dramaturg and Artistic Consultant: Rosanna Gamson
Music: Bruno Louchouarn


ABOUT DIAVOLO | Architecture in Motion®

DIAVOLO | Architecture in Motion® uses dance to explore the relationship between the human body and its architectural environment. Artistic Director, Jacques Heim, steers DIAVOLO’s diverse team of dancers, designers, choreographers and engineers to create visceral and awe-inspiring works that reveal how we are affected emotionally, physically and socially by the spaces we inhabit. Meticulously designed, bespoke architectural structures serve as the central inspiration for each work, activated by the stylistically varied and intensely physical choreography which has become the hallmark of this truly original company throughout its rich 23-year history. Through The DIAVOLO Institute the company also provides educational and outreach opportunities to people of all ages and abilities while touring internationally and at home in Los Angeles, sharing the pioneering art form and the power of dance as a means of social impact.

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Jacques Heim (Artistic Director) has been a transformative director for over 20 years. He founded Diavolo in 1992, now newly renamed DIAVOLO | Architecture in Motion,® and has directed the Company’s work ever since.

Mr. Heim was born and raised in Paris, France. His earliest experiences with performance came from street performing. He attended Middlebury College (B.F.A. in Theatre, Dance and Film), the University of Surrey in England (Certificate for Analysis and Criticism of Dance), and the California Institute for the Arts (M.F.A., Choreography).

Jacques Heim is named directly after his grandfather, the late and revolutionary fashion designer, who in 1946 launched the first ever two-piece bathing suit called Atome. Just as his grandfather broke ground in the fashion industry, Jacques Heim continues to challenge and break the mold of conventional wisdom surrounding dance, developing the unique and incomparable aesthetic of Architecture in Motion®

In addition to his work with DIAVOLO, Mr. Heim has worked extensively for other companies in dance, theater, TV and special events worldwide. Mr. Heim worked with Guy Caron and Michael Curry as consulting choreographer on Ice Age Live!, a “mammoth” arena show which had its world premiere at London’s Wembley Stadium in 2012 and is now touring Europe. For Cirque du Soleil, Mr. Heim choreographed at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, a destination show featuring apparatus inspired by DIAVOLO structures and architecture. In 2010, he was invited to be a creative director for the Opening Ceremony of the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou, China. In 2005, Mr. Heim was the artistic director of the Taurus World Stunt Awards and returned in 2007 to stage a movement/stunt piece, The Car. With the Los Angeles-based Center Theatre Group, Jacques created choreography for the stage play, The Stones. On television, his work has appeared on BBC America’s Dancing with the Stars and Bravo’s Step Up and Dance.

Jacques Heim taught movement and dance for many years at Ballet Pacifica, California State University, Los Angeles and at UCLA. In addition to three USA Fellowship nominations and four Alpert Award nominations, Mr. Heim has received the Martha Hill Choreography Award from the American Dance Festival, the Special Prize of the Jury at the 6th Saitama International Dance Festival, a Brody Arts Fund Fellowship, and a James Irvine Foundation Fellowship.



Leandro Glory Damasco Jr. (Performer/ Choreographer) is originally from Sacramento, California, where he received a B.A. in Dance from CSU Sacramento. Prior to graduating, Mr. Damasco started his professional career with Nicholas Leichter at the Joyce Theater in NYC. He has also served an apprenticeship with Joe Goode Performance Group and worked intensively with other Bay Area companies such as Axis Dance, Project Bandaloop and Pauvfe Dance.

Mr. Damasco is currently DIAVOLO’s company choreographer; his movement is highlighted in the trilogy L’Espace du Temps, which first premiered at the Movimentos Festival in Wolfsburg, Germany. Mr. Damasco also choreographed DIAVOLO’s Cubicle and its sister component, Passengers. In addition to his work with DIAVOLO, Mr. Damasco also performs as a soloist with his own company, Project Engine, named after the nickname given to him by DIAVOLO’s Artistic Director, Jacques Heim. Mr. Damasco is currently entering his fourth season with DIAVOLO.