The change concerning the battery of Airwheel E6 intelligent folding electric bicycles reviews

The encouraging parameters, the stylish exterior design and the high performance are wrapped into Airwheel smart electric bike E6. Airwheel E6 is one type of new products Airwheel will roll out to the public. In addition to the above draws, Airwheel E6 is stirring up a changing concerning the battery installed in electric bike in the whole market. The change is small and imperceptible for the moment. However, it will escalate to a large wave of changes.

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In Airwheel E6 battery operated bicycle, Airwheel introduces imported battery group. The 18650 battery provides a fairly long range. Special is the building block battery. Each model has two building block battery groups. When one is installed in Airwheel E6, the other can be charged. Or the other can be carried on Airwheel E6. When the one stalled in Airwheel E6 goes flat, the spare one will come in handy. The two building block battery groups dispel the public concern that Airwheel E6 may go out of power halfway.

Like Airwheel Z5, best electric bicycles Airwheel E6 uses the USB port. The USB port is more compatible than others. With the USB port, the building block battery group can used as a moving power source. Once the mobile phone of the rider is out of power, it can acts as a moving power source. It comes in handy and of great help to the young. For the young, they cannot go without their mobile phones. The battery group of E6 keeps the continuity of their mobile phones.

The design or idea of the building block battery group is a small change or progress for Airwheel, but it has a far-reaching influence on the whole sector and the customer in the whole market. It gradually changes the whole life of the people and the users.

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