Our company will provide you with a new way to increase your income.  The aim of our project is to give opportunities to people to do this with the help of such things as sharing money.  After much research and conversations with various economists we have come to the conclusion that the growth of an economy starts with an injection of more money into the system.  Based on that knowledge we have created our project.  Let's see how it works...

The first thing a person needs to do is create an account and activate it with the payment of a registration fee.  Once you pass through this step and obtain the rights of user, you have two options to raise your income: 'active' or 'passive'.  If you want 'active' income you will be required to invite new users to the system and with every new user you will get extra profit providing they enter your specific code at registration.  The more people you invite the more money you would get.  The other option is the 'passive' income.  This means that every time someone registers to create an account, all current users would receive an equal percentage of the entrance fee from the new users.  The more people interested in our project means more money for every user.  'Passive' and 'Active' ways to raise income are available at the same time.

The main idea is to provide opportunities to raise funds for our users.  Earning honestly and without risk is quite difficult nowadays, especially on the Internet.  With our project we want to show our users that it is possible with ShareMoney ©.