Night Hawk Winery and Let’s Picnic KC Celebrate Solstice with a Peruvian-inspired Picnic

Night Hawk Winery and Let’s Picnic KC Celebrate Solstice with a Peruvian-inspired Picnic

A new, local food concept, Let’s Picnic Kansas City! debuts at Night Hawk Winery featuring personal picnics inspired by the Solstice celebration at Machu Picchu and Peruvian foods.

PAOLA, Kan. (Sunday, June 26, 2016) - Local winery, Night Hawk welcomes Let’s Picnic KC for a Summer of picnic events. Let’s Picnic will partner with Night Hawk for events throughout the Summer and providing thoughtfully created picnics with whimsical themes such as; Incan Solstice, Nostalgic Americana, Island ‘Vacay,’ and Back to the Woods.

Let’s Picnic KC is the passion project and new business venture of Kelsey Debrick. Debrick, spent her childhood near Night Hawk Winery where she credits her love for being outdoors, Debrick strives to take the overwhelm out of picnicking by providing everyone a ready-to-go ‘adventure-in-a-box.’ Made to elevate the everyday mealtime with themed picnic foods and an activity that she calls ‘picnic play.’

‘There’s something magical about taking a moment to lounge on a blanket and eat with your hands. It begets better conversation, more laughter. It makes memories a part of mealtime again.’ - Debrick

The Incan Solstice Picnic is inspired by Debrick’s recent trip to Peru and the trek to Machu Picchu with her brother and sister. The menu features, Peruvian staples such as; Ceviche from Jarocho, Peruvian Chocolate desserts and Chicha Morada, a refreshingly sweet purple corn and pineapple drink. The picnics will also include a wine tasting and pairings from Night Hawk Winery. Participants will need to pre-order their Solstice Picnics. They will be available for pre-order as well as a full menu will be announced on, Friday June 10th.

‘I love how picnicking is an experience; the rolling out of the blanket, making everyday meal-time just a little bit more special, and I love to play. Summertime picnics always involved games.’ - Debrick

Let’s Picnic KC, not only wants to get Kansas City picnicking more but playing more as well. Each picnic will be accompanied with a themed activity or ‘picnic play.’ The Solstice picnic will include an Incan Sun Printing Kit, complete with Incan-inspired stencil designs for picnickers to create art pieces of their own. Picnickers will not only have food and wine but also something to whet their creative appetites as well.

Night Hawk Winery, owned by Husband and Wife team Don and Cathy Warring opened the winery with a the goal of welcoming new and old friends, celebrating life over a glass of wine and taking in the beauty of Kansas farmland. Let’s Picnic KC has been welcomed to the winery because of their shared love for the outdoors and that FUN is worth taking seriously. You can sip their hand-crafted wines in their tasting room or sit outside under the charming arbor to enjoy live music, scheduled every weekend throughout the Summer season. Events and more on Night Hawk’s wines here: