MN Metro Garage Doors Launches Expanded Garage Door Service

MN Metro Garage Doors announced today that it is expanding its service offerings. The company is renowned for great customer service and technical expertise. It has served the St. Paul area for years. MN Metro Garage Doors now offers a complete service for installing, repairing and replacing garage doors of every shape and size.

“When your garage door stops working as it should, let us be the first call you make,” said a spokesperson for the company. “We’re a dedicated team of experts with years of experience.”

MN Metro Garage Doors works with residential, commercial or industrial garage doors. Services include repairs, replacements, and retrofitting of more modern garage door amenities. The company is committed to quality. “We take pride in using some of the highest-quality parts, accessories and tools available on the market,” the spokesperson added.

The company is also available to field questions about do-it-yourself (DIY) garage door repairs. Noting that garage door safety is paramount, MN Metro Garage Doors is happy to answer questions about whether a particular repair is wise to handle on one’s own or whether it needs to be handled by a professional.

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