Mind-TKO and The 90-Day Overhaul Founder Dr. Saint James Limoges Featured in Fortune Magazine

Dr. Saint James Limoges is currently featured in the January Edition of Fortune Magazine as a “GameChanger™”

Farmers Branch, TX – January 12, 2016 – Dr. Saint James Limoges can be seen on newsstands across the United States in the current edition of Fortune magazine. In a full-page feature, the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers recognize Dr. Saint James Limoges as a “GameChanger™” in business. The January edition of Fortune hit store shelves on January 5, 2016.

Dr. Saint James Limoges was quoted in Fortune:

In order to be a GameChanger, you have to dispel the limiting beliefs that keep you from reaching your full potential.  By awakening my inner consciousness, I unlocked the power to live a happier, healthier life for my clients and myself.  By believing I have the capacity to change those limiting beliefs, I enable clients to achieve their dreams.

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About Dr. Saint James Limoges:

Dr. Saint James Limoges is the founder of Mind-TKO and The 90-Day Overall. Learn more at



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