Ground-breaking new loyalty and reward scheme gives shoppers more than ever before



London, 7th June 2016 - Smart consumers are signing up to the world's first and only customer loyalty and reward scheme designed around huge monthly cash prizes, which are awarded to users of the scheme simply for shopping at their favourite online retailers.


They’re the ones who have discovered the Lucky Checkout Club, an innovative and exciting new loyalty and reward scheme in which consumers are automatically entered into a monthly prize draw simply for doing their shopping at participating online retailers.



The Lucky Checkout Club was founded by internet entrepreneur Martin Wright and takes the reward retailers pay to attract online shoppers to their site, then bundles it up into a prize draw to win a large amount of money that really could make a difference to people’s lives.


“Last year the UK’s leading cashback site paid 6 million people a total of £50 million ” says Wright, “which works out at £8.33 each. We wanted to create something that would be a little more exciting than £8.33”.


Signing up for the scheme is totally free and could not be simpler, merely requiring consumers to register at the Lucky Checkout website with their email address. Thereafter, the scheme detects when the consumer makes a purchase at a participating retailer, at which point they are automatically entered into that month’s prize draw with no further interaction required.


“All the clever stuff is done behind the scenes” says Wright, “so that all the consumer has to do is do the shopping they were going to do anyway, then start dreaming about what they would do if they won a large prize. Of course it’s possible their favourite retailer has not yet signed up to Lucky Checkout, in which case they can let us know and we will contact the retailer for them.”


According to Wright, the Lucky Checkout Club is the only reward scheme where you can get back significantly more than you spent and, as he points out, “all you’ve got to do is shop at the participating retailers.”

That must be why they call it the smartest and most rewarding way to shop online.