PACS of Atlanta Offers Public Adjusters of the Highest Caliber

When you are searching among the professional and experienced Atlanta public adjusters, Professional Adjusting and Consulting Services, LLC. (PACS) should be the company to start from. At PACS, they handle all types of cases such as fire or water damage. They work with different types of buildings from homes to businesses, even shopping malls and government buildings. They have both litigation experience and current practice. Should you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of a fire damage or where mold is ruining your home, call PACS to see what they can do for you. They offer free consultation and free inspections. If you think there is any chance that your claim is being withheld or has not been paid in full, call PACS to see if they can do something for you. They are known as some of the most experienced public adjusters in the area, and they will fight for you to get every penny that you are owed.

Free Services
Not all public adjusters in Atlanta, Georgia offer free consultations and inspections. This is what scares most people away from thinking that they may be entitled to more compensation than they are receiving. PACS promises a hassle free consultation. No money will change hands before you decide to proceed and there is no pressure to continue if you don’t want to. At PACS, they understand that you are only there to see what they can do for you so they will work as hard as they can until you feel that justified.

Not only will they give you a free consultation to discuss your underpaid or not paid claims, but they offer a free inspection of your property. If you filed a claim through your insurance for any property damage that has not been paid, PACS will inspect it and determine how much you are rightfully owed. They will then go on to fight for you until you get the claim you deserve. They care especially for those who have laid the groundwork for them to be successful, which is why they also offer a discount to seniors. Many insurance companies think that they can take advantage of senior citizens by paying an absurdly low amount on a claim. PACS is there to get that money back to the rightful owner and keep insurance companies from stepping on the rights of senior citizens. The best part about PACS free services is that once your claim is paid, it will cover your professional fees, or your claim could have no fee. That is a win-win situation!

The Atlanta public adjusters at PACS specialize in homeowner losses. This includes a wide range of things from structure damage to damage on a landlord’s rental property. If you are a landlord and have found destruction on a property you have rented out, this is likely covered in your insurance. The company will fight for you to get the money owed to you. Likewise, if you are a tenant and have suffered damage to a rental property, the public adjusters at PACS will represent your case to help you receive the full amount you are owed from your renters’ insurance. In any situation where there is loss of personal property, PACS has the experienced public adjusters who are ready to help you get back what you are owed from your insurance company.

At PACS, they represent homeowners as well as business owners. Whether you own a personal property or a business, they have the people you need to get the full benefit of your claim. They handle anything from loss of inventory to building damage. Whether or not the building is in the name of the company, they will take care of the claim. Whether the property that was damaged was property of the company, or personal property of the employees, you will get your money back. At PACS, they fight for every client, big or small, to get what they deserve as far as their claim is concerned.

Professional Adjusting and Consulting Services, LLC employs some of the most talented and experienced public adjusters in Atlanta GA. They hold the highest standards because that is what their customers expect. Not only do they have the experience both in court and during an inspection, but they have the tenacity it takes to fight for what their customers deserve. At PACS, you will be taken care of by one of the many impressive public adjusters they employ. Give them a call today at 470-222-0912.