Start the School Year Off Right with Storyboard That!

Offering a Back To School Free Trial for Educators

BOSTON, MA: Back to school season is officially in full swing, and teachers are scrambling to prepare new lesson plans and project ideas. Storyboard That is the perfect solution for any teacher looking for engaging and enjoyable classroom activities. It’s the ideal back to school tool to get students critically thinking and excited about learning. Even better, the site offers over 300 Common Core-aligned teacher guides and lesson plans for use in ELA, History, Foreign Language, Special Ed, and STEM, which means more time to teach and less time to plan!

Storyboard That’s web-based software offers a customizable art library featuring drag-and-drop characters, scenes, props, and seven different layouts to choose from!  Storyboard That’s teacher guides and lesson plans are created by local teachers who also use the program in their classroom. They help to innovate and keep the education offering current and relevant for the classroom. Each teacher guide features a number of activities, including plot diagrams, vocabulary, literary conflict, character maps, and more!

Storyboard That is the brainchild of Aaron Sherman, CEO, who says, “By creating a fun tool to improve how people communicate, we strive to do the world a service and make it a better place. We truly believe that by making it easier for people to describe ideas, user flows, basic processes, and anything else they want, people will be more willing to spend the time to do it. By making the descriptions (Storyboards) so easy to consume, people will want to share them and iterate over ideas. As this increases innovation, it makes everyone happier and more productive.”

Storyboard That is welcoming teachers back to school with a FREE two week trial. All educators have to do is sign up here, no credit card required. Try it today and bring digital storytelling to your classroom!

About Storyboard That: Storyboard That empowers users to create storyboards and graphic organizers with its award-winning, browser-based Storyboard Creator. Storyboard That has been featured in Free Tech 4 Teachers, Web English Teacher, TeacherCast, and Library Voice.