PlayStation 4 Magazine Launches KickStarter Campaign to build iOS and Android Apps


Greater London, UK - has launched a KickStarter campaign to fund the building of PS4 Mag Apps for iOS and Android. The online publication is one of the web’s leading sources for PlayStation 4 news, reviews, and related stories and is looking to improve access to its content for PS4 fans in an increasingly mobile-based internet era.

The magazine is already available on Apple news for readers with iOS 9 devices and the push to build standalone applications for delivering content will only help to make it more easily accessible to readers.

The PlayStation 4 console is now over 3 years old and has surpassed over 40 million units sold worldwide. In the same way, since the launch of what is now Sony’s Flagship gaming system, PlayStation 4 Magazine has similarly grown from strength to strength. The gaming publication has seen increased readership and participation across all its content offerings on the web since it’s inception.

The crowd funding campaign will run for 30 days and will begin on 1 August and run until 31 August 2016. Backers of the campaign will receive rewards that range from special mentions on social media to advertising and promotional opportunities on the site, the proposed apps, PS4 Mag’s YouTube channel, and the online magazine’s social media accounts. PS4 gamers and fans wishing to contribute can simply visit the App building Campaign page and pledge amounts ranging between only £1 and going up to £100.

As the PlayStation 4 gaming community continues to grow and more and more people access their information and media on always-connected portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, PlayStation 4 Magazine is looking to reach both current and future readers on their favored platforms. In an ever changing industry that is continually innovating, PS4 Magazine’s aim is to keep PlayStation 4 gamers and fans up-to-date with developments on the platform’s hardware and software.

Cutting edge technologies such as Sony Playstation VR are now coming to the fore and with the addition of Android and iOS Apps; the magazine is determined to remain a reliable source of the PS4 news that matters. This is something that editors at the magazine were keen to point out in addition to stressing the fact that PS4 magazine was ready to meet the challenge.

“Our aim is to be the very best in delivering PS4 related content to our readers” said the magazines’ Editor in Chief, Steve Jones. “In the same way, we always strive to deliver updates and other PlayStation 4 content in a timely manner while still upholding the journalistic values that the magazine was founded on. We take great pride in delivering well written and relevant content to our readers who are all avid PS4 gamers and fans. . .

. . . We will continue to always try and meet the needs of our readers, for example bringing our content to cutting edge platforms such as the Apple News service, and now through the Applications we plan to build.” The magazine’s goal is to be available not only on iOS, but across all available app stores and platforms to increase its exposure as well as make it easier for existing readers to access PS4 mag’s content.

PlayStation 4 magazine recently celebrated its 2nd anniversary and despite the publication’s progress, there are still challenges ahead. Chief of these is finding a sustainable revenue model in light of falling advert revenues all across the industry. The magazines publisher, Tech365Media, pledges to keep both applications free. “We will stick by our promise to serve the PlayStation 4 community with a free and professional service they can depend on.” added Mr. Jones. is the authoritative voice on PlayStation 4 related news, reviews, and updates. The magazine is the only online publication solely focused on publishing content related to, and about the PlayStation 4 console made by Sony and the hundreds of titles already available or planned for the platform. Content on the site includes PlayStation 4 games news, updates, and reviews. The magazine also features PlayStation 4 games trailers as well as gameplay and walk-through videos.


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