Best 13 Free .NET Development Tools.

.NET Development and essential Development Tools -

.NET is a broadly useful advancement platform. It can be utilized for any sort of application sort or workload where broadly useful purpose solutions are utilized. It has a few key components that are appealing to numerous engineers, including programmed memory administration and present day programming dialects, that make it simpler to effectively fabricate excellent applications. Various usage of .NET are accessible, taking into account open .NET Standards that indicate the essentials of the stage.

A .Net developer has his own list of development tools required for various process in .NET. He utilizes this list to increase his creativety and to create an ease in accessibilty. Each time this list goes through certain updations.

Taking after are some among the best tools used in .NET -

SQL Server 2012 Express Edition

- Assemble web and portable applications for different data types
– Basic Reporting Services, Decrease OS fixing by as much as 50-60% with backing for Windows Server Core.
– Associate with nearby SQL Server Express databases and administer objects with full Object Explorer incorporation.


- This is a magnificent tool for learing LINQ created by Joseph Albahari.
– Utilizing this you can execute any C# or VB expression.
– LINQ Pad is an extremely valuable tool for exploring the databases with LINQ and Entity

Visual Studio Productivity Power Tool

- It is useful in planning of projects, tab separation with colors in your solution and with numerous more elements.
– Visual Studio Productivity Power Tool is an extension for Visual Studio that makes a developer’s life easy.


- ReSharper is a capable dot net developer tool that upgrades the coding speed since it gives a vast det of actions for coding, examination and refactoring.


- NuGet is extremely valuable dot net developer tool for dot net learners when including a particular extension, library, bundle to your Visul Studio.


- FileZilla is an incredible dot net developer tool for transferring your web application records, dlls, pictures and so on utilizing FTP, FTPS and SFTP customer.


- Fiddler is an amazing dot net developer tool while debugging of web applications as also tracking and monitoring the request and responding to your web application.


- Same as Fiddler, FireBug is additionally an incredible dot net developer tool mostly taught in dot net tutorials, for your Web application assets following and observing the requests, reaction of your web application.

SQL complete

- SQL Complete is a wonderful tool commonly used in dot net tutorials for adding intellisense to SQL Server like Visual Studio. You should have this dot net developer tool in SQL Server.

YUI Compressor

- YUI Compressor compresses any Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets that works precisely as the first and take least time in stacking.

Versioning Essentials

- Ankh SVN, an open ended subversion specially designed to deal with source codes distinctive variants like VSS and TFS

- Tortoise SVN is additionally an open source subversion Source control for dealing with your’s source code diverse variants.

Web Essentials

- Web Essentials is an extraordinary extension for Visual Studio. It influences intellisense to the CSS, Javascript and HTML editors.

Jscript Editor Extensions

- JScript Editor Extensions is an incredible extension for Visual Studio. It strivea as a support for consequently highlighting the coordinating opening or shutting prop, enclosure, square sections, wavy props and some more.

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