Grateful to Wyoming, poker champion travels to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas

2015 Wyoming State Poker Champion, Micheal Williams will be playing during this weekend at the 2016 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

Micheal is from Billings, MT, but will attend the world’s largest poker tournament representing the Wind River Casinos where he won the poker tournament in 2015. Not only representing the casino, but when we spoke with him, he said, “I will play representing Wyoming. I dedicate my attendance to this tournament to the town, the casino, and the people.”


Micheal’s goal one day is to go back to school and get a teaching degree to be able to teach and coach. His plan if he wins, Micheal said, “I want to buy a season pass to the new Minnesota Vikings stadium, and make sure that my family is comfortable.”

Just like football has a super bowl and baseball has a world series, going to the World Series of Poker is a big deal. Micheal said in an interview, “I am very grateful to have this opportunity to attend this tournament. It has been my dream, it has been on my bucket list, and I am amazed that at 31, I am doing it.”


Poker was Micheal’s life since the age of 8 where he grew up playing poker with his family. His younger sister taught him how to play the sport, and Micheal recalls a game at a young age where they played for pennies, nickels and quarters, with him taking the win. That was one of his most memorable childhood poker memories.

The World Series of Poker will start on Friday and go through until Monday, the day that Micheal will buy in and play in honor of our state.

A Sendoff party was hosted yesterday at the Wind River Hotel & Casino for Micheal to show him how very much he is appreciated and respected. We wish the champion winner much luck and welcome him back to Fremont County any time!