The mystery of intelligent folding electric bike scooter will be revealed by Airwheel now

Electric scooters make it possible for us to imagine more intelligent transporting vehicles. Transporting vehicles of new era, with essential portability and intelligent characteristics, have outstanding performance in Airwheel. Airwheel foldable electric bike, the latest product and also the new series product, creates a new view with its amazing outlook and unique functions.

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Airwheel names the new product as E6 based on the new series and natural understanding. The initial “E” is defined most for the prominent performance in electric drive. We say E6 electric bicycle looks same with normal bicycle, except the basic chain gearing. Most will wonder why this electric folding bike can own such big power with small body. Don’t worry. The customized tyres and motor integrate each device so the performance will keep good.

The inspiration of making E6 e-bike to be X-shape may be enlightened from X-men but it also proofs that to be simple is to be beautiful. The scientific technology is embodied by symbols which will lead us into unlimited thinking space. The exterior of E6 adopts the car-level coating craft and the over ten coats low-temperature procedures prevent it from erosion and also prolong its service life. Riders who are about 100kg can also sit on it owing to the solid and steady physical structure so that the standing point between seat and tyres can be stressed in balance.

The seat and shock mitigation system of E6 e bike motor deserve admiration. The seat is designed to be two parts that are similar to hip in the abstract. Do not joke, this design is very practical and comfortable since it better conforms to the ergonomics and it is the good plan summarized from large amount of riding data. The shock mitigation system is applied and allocated in several places such as the front and rear wheels. Even if facing with some complex road conditions, the system can prevent riders from damage by whopping.

We believe that you could hardly sit still and itch to have a go.

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