Sinks Canyon Rough and Tumble Trail Runs - June 25th!

Looking for a challenge? How about a good ol' fashioned Wyoming trail race with the Lander Running Club!

The 2016 edition of the Sinks Canyon Rough and Tumble Trail Runs will again offer races of 4 miles and 11 miles, and will include a new 50k race!.

The races are primarily on trail, but start with a paved hill climb up the infamous Sinks Canyon switchbacks. The courses promise to challenge all types of runners, ranging from 7,200 to 8,400 feet in elevation with extended climbs, swooping single track, and steep, technical downhill. These courses will feature newly-established, world-class trails, challenging terrain, and incredible vistas. You'll run through wild flowers and dense forest at the gateway to the Wind River Mountains.

This race is hosted by the Lander Running Club, a free and inclusive, community-based organization for and by runners. Join us for what promises to be a fun and challenging day of running!

50k Course Description

The 50k course has official approval from the Forest Service! The course will be a single-loop course with the start and finish at Bruce's parking lot. The course is almost all on dirt, with only 2 miles of very scenic pavement, a majority on singletrack, and some on two-track. It will bring a diversity of challenges with big climbs, technical and rocky descents, smooth and buttery singletrack, and wide ranging temperatures and weather conditions typical of June in the mountains. It's going to be a classic course, and features almost all of the classic Sinks Canyon trails- see the website for more details!

11 Mile Course Description

The 11 mile race will start from Bruce's parking lot with a paved climb 1,200 feet over 5 miles to the top of the switchbacks- a runnable but relentless grade. Runners will then turn off onto the gorgeous, swooping single track of the new Brewer's trail, traversing around Fossil Hill with spectacular views of the plains, canyon, and foothills before plunging steeply back down into Sinks Canyon on narrow, technical trail. Runners will then turn back up the canyon, winding at a gentle grade on singletrack and old two-track through forests and open meadows to the finish line at Bruce's parking lot.

4 Mile Course Description

The 4 mile race will also start from Bruce's, but will only climb up to the 1st switch back. From there, runners will turn off onto the bottom of the new Brewer's trail, traversing on single track through dense forest and steep hillsides before looping back up the canyon along the river to the finish line.

Cash prizes and a premium for the fastest hill climbers!

The 50k and 11 mile races will offer cash awards to the top overall male and female runners, with other awards for second and third place. The 11 mile race distance will also offer an additional cash premium/award to the first male and female runners to reach the Fossil Hill Aid Station and still complete the race!

Experience Lander

This is a fantastic destination race with a diversity of fantastic accommodations and opportunities for all flavors of fun. Outdoor recreational opportunities include world-class rock climbing, camping, backpacking, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, and much more. If you're looking to kick back after a challenging day of running, Lander has some wonderful restaurants, cafes, and watering holes to suit any mood or taste.

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