President Of Titan Organization Anthony Maher In Bolivia To Close Thermo-Electrical Plant Deal

Houston, TX (August 09, 2016) - One of the most renowned engineering firms, Titan Organization is into construction and engineering and has a global clientele. Its President, Mr. Anthony Maher, will soon be in Bolivia to close a thermo-electrical plant deal.

The announcement has been made recently, and it is being described as one of the major hoorahs for the company, which has been looking for more energy for some time now. The sealing of the deal comes as no surprise, given the need for more energy resources. The Bolivian thermo-electrical plant complies with the Environmental Protection Agency rules, and an unspecified amount running into billions is to be prepaid for coal expenses associated to the plant.

According to a company spokesperson, rising energy needs for engineering, construction and other associated services have been the major reason for the closure of the said deal. Even in the light of recent discussions and debates on climate crisis, thermo-electrical plants are seen an affordable option. With compliance to all the environmental policies, risks for the ecosystem and human health are negligible. Pollution control measures are in place to ensure safe services and safety of human health.

The closure of the deal is expected to satisfy a part of the energy requirements of the company as of now. The firm is looking at various other countries to take care of its rising energy needs.

About Titan Organization
Titan Organization is one of the biggest engineering, construction (EPC), project management, procurement and maintenance companies, based in Texas. The company has clients from various industries and even the government, and is into designing, maintenance and construction of challenging, complicated capital projects.

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