Golden Hill Studio Offers Decorative Pieces for Your Home

Having a home gives you the opportunity to transform each and every room into a space full of personality. Whether you are bored with your current home or you are moving into a new one, decorating can be a fun experience. There are so many options available and several decisions that need to be made, but you do not have to be overwhelmed. Golden Hill Studio is here to help. They have a variety of vintage and antique pieces, designed and crafted by artisans all around the world, that you can put into your home. Their business started off selling quality hand painted glassware in the USA, but have expounded with other unique and creative pieces.  

Golden Hill Studio loves fresh and beautiful designs that show present colors and the simple yet gorgeous everyday scenes that nature brings to us. Their artisans are constantly coming up with new creative designs for hand painted glassware which bring out a splash of artistry for everyone to enjoy. They have a variety of glassware and other items which include patterns such as blue florals, tulips, berries and branches, grapes and vines, acorns, mosaics, and several others.

These pieces can easily be the focal point of any table or empty space. You can add their unique painted and decorative glasses during any occasion, whether it is for the holidays, a birthday celebration, new year’s eve and the like. With a nice dose of colorful and happy glasses, it will allow you and your guests to have a vivid memory of your gathering. 

If you appreciate beautiful blown glass, Golden Hill Studio has a large selection of Egyptian glass ornaments that are carefully crafted by master glass blowers in Egypt. They also have blown glass candlesticks which can be beautifully coordinated with the ornaments or they can simply stand alone. And lastly, they have blown glass stemware that is designed to your specifications. They are delicate and can easily become a treasured family heirloom

Just like every kitchen in a home, it is necessary to have kitchen towels around which are useful for drying dishes and wiping spills. Instead of just having them around for your needs, why not choose kitchen towels that add style and colors to match your kitchen décor?  They can be the perfect accessory to add a pop of color to your kitchen. With Golden Hill Studio’s attractive kitchen towels from the USA, it can change up your whole kitchen by giving it a fun and interesting atmosphere. They offer vintage and snarky flour sack that are sure to make you laugh with their humorous statements.

A great addition to your home could be Golden Hill Studio’s decorative throw pillows, because you can never have too many pillows. Not only are they comfortable, but they also provide a pop of color that can blend well with the overall style of your home. They come in a wide selection of textures, embellishments, solid colors, patterns, fabrics and designs. 

The company offers a beautiful collection of vintage throw pillows with images of the 1800s that are sure to warm the heart. Sarah Heart, who is one of the feature artists of Golden Hill Studio, uses original watercolors for her exclusive designs. They also have a collection with fun sayings that can be given as a gift for a special friend or a treat for oneself. With their decorative throw pillows, you can easily draw out inspiration from the features of your own home. You can choose to compliment the furniture of your home or contrast them with a brand new set of pillows. 

Golden Hill Studio was created by Bette Hestle back in 1999, and it is now recognized as a brand that offers distinguished home decors. Bette has lived in a farmhouse in Golden Hill in Western New York since 1977, and her studio is on 100 acres of peaceful and serene countryside. She gets her daily inspiration to beauty and nature from her lovely home and continues to do what she loves. 

Whether you want to purchase Golden Hill Studio’s kitchen towels, decorative throw pillows, or hand painted glassware in the USA, their staff will be happy to find something that suits your liking. You can browse through their products in their website at, or contact them at 716-945-0436 for more details.