4 Smart Ways to Get Cheap Concert Tickets

Only few things are more refreshing than watching your favorite artiste perform live on stage. However, getting concert tickets is becoming not just harder, but also more expensive.

Tickets for most concerts are now completely sold out several days to the event—no thanks to ticket scalpers who buy out concert tickets in bulk and later sell at higher prices. And now, it's almost impossible to get concert tickets directly from authorized sellers.

But it's not a hopeless situation. You don't necessarily have to ply the difficult route or pay ridiculously high prices just to enjoy the live concert experience. Here are four smart ways to get cheap concert tickets.

1. Closely monitor ticket sales updates

Once you're aware of the date and venue of your favorite artiste's next show, find out where the tickets would be officially sold. Your aim here is to be among the fastest buyers. So, keep a tab on the venue managers and authorized sellers through their websites, social media accounts, telephone lines, or any other reliable channel they're responsive to.

This way, you'll be aware when tickets are on sale, and you'd be able to get yours at the official—usually the cheapest—price. Visiting the venue to buy directly is most preferable, as it will help you save the cost of delivery.

2. Take advantage of presale events

Another smart way to get concert tickets for dead cheap prices is to buy them during a presale. Usually, presale tickets are made available when the show date is still about months away—and they usually sell for cheap prices.

There are many ways to get presale tickets. The easiest is to join the fan club, social media channels, or mailing list of the artiste you would like to watch live. This way, you'll be among the first people to know when presale tickets are available. You can also check with your credit card company if they offer advance concert tickets at discount prices.

3. Buy in advance from major ticket outlets

There are many reputable online outlets that sell concert tickets. Register accounts with as many of these outlets as possible, so you can receive email updates about upcoming concerts and their presale tickets. Some of these outlets even offer exclusive priority deals to their registered users.

By getting presale updates from multiple ticketing outlets, you'll be able to compare prices and go with the cheapest offers.

4. Connect with an official salesperson

Another foolproof trick for getting cheap concert tickets is to visit the venue of the concert before tickets are available on sale, and establish rapport with any of the salespeople.

Explain to them that you would love to be at that concert but cannot afford to buy the ticket at an exaggerated price. They will most likely be willing to help you get it at the cheapest price possible. Some of will collect your contact details and get in touch with you once the cheap tickets are on sale. Others will even be kind enough to reserve your ticket before notifying you.

Finding cheap concert tickets is all about being fast and knowing where to look. With these four tips you'll be able to get concert tickets for the cheapest possible prices each time you want to watch live performances of your favorite artistes.