Alcohol Breathalyzer And Drug Testing Equipment Market 2016: Global Industry Size, Share, Growth, Analysis, and Forecasts to 2021

A new study Breath Analyzer, Drug Testing, Saliva Testers, and Biosensor: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020. The 2014 study has 593 pages, 202 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as law enforcement and companies get more businesses test for substance abuse.

Alcohol abuse and drug abuse represent a significant danger to society. Most users represent that the choice to be a user is a personal choice, but this is not the case. The reality is that drug and alcohol users kill people as they get behind a wheel and drive and as they let anger boil over into killing rage.

Not all users are killers surely, but there is a need for society to control abuse for the common good. These controls are likely to be put more in place going forward as the dangers are more commonly recognized and as the ability to detect users becomes more available at an affordable price.

The drug testing segment starts out as a low 29% percent of the drug and alcohol abuse detection market in 2013 and grows to be 66% of the market by 2020 responding in part to the sheer danger of the heroin drugs. The terrorists have promised to be flooding the US with opiates and heroin, wrecking the country from the inside. This is a tremendous danger, cheap heroin. The drug testing represents a deterrent as significant as military deterrent or more so to protect the citizens from direct attack.

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Law enforcement use of breathalyzers is helping decrease the number of accidents. Alcohol plays an important and integral part in every society. Not all alcohol usage is problematic, but alcohol abuse is prevalent and becoming more recognized as a law enforcement, work, and health issue. Alcohol remains the most abused drug in history. In the United States, alcohol plays a part in half the automobile fatalities and nearly half of all industrial accidents. For employers, alcohol abuse accounts for two thirds of all substance abuse complaints and depletes a similar percentage from the health care benefit budgets of American companies.

Law enforcement use of breathalyzers relates to increasing awareness that there is a responsibility by society to control the use of alcohol and drugs when their use may result in injury or death to others. The breathalyzer introduces a way to control measurement of suspected users in an unobtrusive, fair manner. According to Susan Eustis, lead author of the WinterGreen Research team that prepared the study, “In the U.S. nearly half of road accidents are estimated to occur due to excessive alcohol consumption and drug abuse. Similarly, the number of deaths soared by 26% in Britain due to drunk driving in 2013. Thus, alcohol enforcements remain a priority for governments across the globe. Governments of various countries are strictly enforcing safety laws and are heavily emphasizing on work safety issues.”

Ms Eustis continued, “There are the issues of increased absenteeism and sickness, more frequent lateness for work, and increased risk of theft of property and cash from the company and other staff. Each of these carries a cost.”

Consideration of Breath Analyzer, Saliva Testers, and Biosensor Market Forecasts indicates that markets at $699 million will reach $7 billion by 2020. Growth comes as businesses and law enforcement agencies crack down on abuse of alcohol and drugs.

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Table Of Content Of Alcohol Breathalyzer And Drug Testing Equipment Market:

Breath Analyzer, Saliva Testers, And Biosensor Executive Summary 41
Alcohol Breathalyzer and Drug Testing Market Driving Forces 41
Law Enforcement Breathalyzers 43
Alcohol Usage Problem In The Workplace 44
Breathalyzer 46
Impact of Alcohol 47
Alcohol Breathalyzer, Drug Testing, and Healthcare Biosensor
Market Shares 50
Alcohol Breathalyzer and Drug Testing Market Shares 50
Alcohol Breathalyzer, Drug Tester, and Healthcare Biosensor
Market Forecasts 52

1. Alcohol Breath Analyzer, Urine Drug And Saliva Testing Market Description And Market Dynamics 54
1.1 Synthetic Marijuana 54
1.1.1. K2 and Spice Synthetic Compounds Have Chemical Structure Shared With Known Cancer-Causing Agents 54
1.2 Army Soldiers: ‘Spice’ Drug Of Choice 54
1.2.1 K2 and Spice Synthetic Compounds More Than Regular Marijuana 58
1.2.2 K2 and Spice Synthetic Compounds Risk of Seeking Treatment 59
1.2.3 US Military Drug Tests 60
1.2.4 Synthetic Marijuana Often Undetected by Drug Tests for People on Parole or Probation 60
1.3 Breathalyzer 61
1.3.1 Diagnostic Drug Testing Demonstrated ROI 61
1.4 DUI Offenses 62
1.4.1 Sports Fans Drunk at Games 8% 62
1.4.2 Personal Breathalyzer 63
1.4.3 Indicators To Spot Potential Drunk Drivers 63
1.5 Impact of Alcohol 64
1.6 Breathalyzer Applications 65
1.6.1 Keychain Breathalyzer 65
1.7 BAC 66
1.8 Alcohol Usage Problem In The Workplace 66
1.9 Breathalyzer 69
1.9.1 Mis-calibrated Equipment 71
1.9.2 Law Enforcement 73
1.9.3 Consumer Use 73

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