Rising Band LOVESUCKER Teams with Legendary Indie Rock Producer JAMIE HOOVER for New One-Take EP ‘THE HARLOT’S JUBILEE’


CHARLOTTE, NC (February 8, 2016) – Rising band LOVESUCKER teams up with legendary indie rock producer Jamie Hoover to create the Southern Gothic blues rock with a dash of funk sound for ‘THE HARLOT’S JUBILEE,’ releasing on February 16th. This new 5-song EP delivers an authentic musical experience, generated by recording it live at Charlotte’s Old House Studios in one single-take and without any studio correcting or trickery.

Loversucker stripped everything down to its purest form to write and record ‘The Harlot’s Jubilee,’ blending the guitar and kick drum instrumentals of Zoltan Von Bury and the distinctive vocal sound of Crystal Crosby. After making the decision to go old-school when laying down the tracks, reminiscent of the famed Sun Studios recordings, they brought in veteran producer Hoover to help capture this truthful sound. The end result merges timeless rhythms and delivery with a modern pulse that makes up ‘The Harlot’s Jubilee.’

The duo carefully crafted the 5 tracks of ‘The Harlot’s Jubilee’ to explore the sometimes grueling but always gorgeous path on that most Spiritual journey from Sinner to Saint and the Heaven and Hell in between. The EP kicks off with the soulful cover of Mississippi Fred McDowell’s ‘You Gotta Move,’ and then kicks it up with 'We Don’t Lay Down,' unveiling the war you hand over to the gods when you're fighting a losing battle in love. The mysteriousness of ‘Fallen’ is next with its razor sharp lyrics, followed by the hard-driven track ‘Wish You Could,' offering an alleged account of doing the right thing when you damn sure don’t want to. The record finishes with 'If You Want Love,' an anthem for the Lover, the Fighter, and the Escape Artist in us all.

Von Bury is excited to share ‘The Harlot’s Jubilee’ with fans, explaining “We just felt like challenging ourselves with this EP. We could have easily gone in on a song by song basis and taken our time, fixed the glitches and imperfections. But, it felt right giving ourselves limitations, no second chance, because when you see Lovesucker live, or any band, we only have 1 shot to get it right. Why not apply the same mode of thought to our recording. We are energized by the end result, because it is not perfect, just honest. The way it should be."

‘The Harlot’s Jubilee’ marks the second EP from Lovesucker, for the Charlotte-based band. The duo met up when Von Bury, who was on break from touring with National Recording artist Bloody Hammers, reached out to Crosby who recently moved back from California. They hashed out this fresh idea and formed Lovesucker, releasing their first, self-titled EP in 2014.

‘The Harlot’s Jubilee’ will be available on beginning February 16, 2016.

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