Braces; it's more than just straight teeth

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - When thinking about braces, is your goal just to have straight teeth, or do you want a spectacular smile? You may not know it yet, but you can have more than just straight teeth. Here we will talk how advanced orthodontic treatment, such as the Damon Smile system, focuses on going beyond “just straight teeth” to create that spectacular smile.
A healthy smile includes ALL of the teeth. While the appearance of the front teeth is important, an overall healthy smile from front to back ensures that you will have a result to last a lifetime. You may have seen “quick fix” orthodontics that proclaims straight teeth in under seven months. It’s not possible to treat all of the teeth in such a short amount of time so instead, they only address the front six teeth. Treatment that limits its results to the front teeth only does not take into consideration your bite and how deep your bit is. Left uncorrected, these conditions can lead to excessive wearing of teeth, fracture, and may inhibit your ability to speak and eat properly.
The shape of the arches (the upper or lower teeth as a group). Even if the front teeth appear straight, the overall arch shape may be very narrow. Narrow arches:
  • Form dark areas at the corners of the mouth when smiling, which is esthetically unpleasing.
  • Leave no room for the tongue, positioning it towards the throat which can constrict the airway;
  • Limits the amount of space for the teeth causing crowding or crossbites
A Damon Smile orthodontist uses a unique approach to formulate a personalized treatment plan that works in harmony with your jaw, teeth and facial muscles to naturally broaden your smile.
The face. The mouth establishes a framework for many features and orthodontic treatment will have an effect on a patient’s overall facial appearance. The Damon philosophy keeps the following at the center of each personalized treatment plan:
  • Lip fullness and support- extraction of teeth can cause the lips to thin causing you to look older
  • Profile - will treatment enhance the nose, chin and lip position?
  • Jaw position- when correcting a skeletal imbalance it may be more beneficial to the profile and airway to bring the lower jaw forward rather than pushing the upper jaw back
  • Future- designing a smile that will look great as a patient moves through their 30’s, 40’s and beyond
Advanced orthodontic care truly practices the ART of orthodontics, not just the science of orthodontics. Today you can aim for much more than just straight teeth- you can achieve that spectacular smile you have always wanted.
Dr. Marc Olsen and Olsen Ortho Studio has been combining art, science and experience to provide children and adults with extraordinary orthodontic care for over 16 years. Get to know him and learn how his expertise can work for you