5 things you shouldn’t do with your kitchen knives

Kitchen knives are one of the important accessories. Masaharu Morimoto, a Japanese chef who is best known as an Iron Chef on the Japanese TV cooking show says that Japanese chefs believe our soul goes into our knives once we start using them. You wouldn't put your soul in a dishwasher.
It is important to choose a good knife for your kitchen. Good knife means good cutting and it leads to a good taste. It is compulsory for all those who are associated with kitchen should know how to protect their knives. Here is the list of five things you should not do with your knife.    
Don’t use glass: There is no doubt that glass chopping boards are more elegant than anything. Glass chopping boards look harder but the thing is that it is always good to choose wooden board or plastic board. Your board makes a lot of differences.
For food only: Don't use a knife for anything other than cutting food. We should understand that out knives are eligible to perform certain tasks and are confined to do so.  
The mistake that most of the people do. Many people use the edge of the knife to corral the food. It damages the sharpness of the knife. It is always good if the spine of the knife is used for such task.
Avoid steel on steel: For the better results and the long lasting of a knife, it is always better to avoid steel to steel contact. One should be very careful when it comes to placing a knife. One should avoid placing the knife into a drawer with other utensils. It besides safety hazard makes your blades rough.
Be Gentle with your knives:  Don't toss knives into a sink.There are few reasons why it is not prescribed to toss knives into a sink. The first and foremost thing is a health hazard and doing so can ruin your knife. Wash your knives after using, dry, and put away in a knife block, knife drawer insert, or secure magnetic rack. Wet knives can lead to rust, so save yourself time and money by drying your knives before storing them.
 Avoid using the knife after sharpening: One should never use knife directly after sharpening because once you sharpen your knife, it produces bits of metal that can get into your food. So after you sharpen, wash it or wipe it down with a dish cloth.