Pro∙To∙Type Planner For People That Mean Business

Entrepreneurship more simple. Brainstorm, plan, track and thrive in your private life and business with an all¬in¬one planner.

Planner that Makes Entrepreneurship Easier Available Through Indiegogo. A crowdfunding campaign for the Prototype Planner has begun on Indiegogo. The funding goal is $3,800 within a month. Backers of the Prototype Planner will have their planners in time for the new year with an estimated delivery of November 2016. Additionally, through Indiegogo, backers have the chance to earn referral rewards and get cash back for sharing the campaign with friends who back the project.  

Stop Wasting Time and Start Getting Stuff Done   
The Prototype Planner makes entrepreneurship easier by eliminating goal paralysis, providing simple financial planning and tracking formats, motivating self-development through a workout tracker and gratitude journal, encouraging social outreach to networking contacts, and facilitating planning for projects and marketing. The Prototype Planner is a roadmap for entrepreneurs. It puts everything you need in one place, so you can stay on top of looming deadlines and major goals. Finding Organization in the Midst of Personal Loss In 2014, Yvonne Heimann dealt with the loss of her husband, Peter. Paperwork was a nightmare Notebooks, sticky notes, and random scraps of paper were everywhere. She was overwhelmed and frustrated with the complexity of the tasks she needed to perform. Her frustration inspired Yvonne to build the Prototype Planner.

After it’s creation, Yvonne realized how this planner that worked so well for her would help other entrepreneurs run their business and personal life – at the same time and all in one place.  

Indiegogo Exclusive Campaign
With an Indiegogo, grass roots style crowdfunding campaign, backing the Prototype Planner is personal and intimate experience. For a minimum of $5, backers will receive a digital PDF of the planner. Starting at $29 for full Prototype Planner, entrepreneurs will stay on track with layouts that include:

● Yearly theme, goals, and habit plans
● Discovery pages for you and your perfect client
● Content Planner
● Month¬at¬a¬glance with financial tracking
● Weekly overview with project planning & habit tracking
● Daily layout with gratitude journaling
● Project, task, and deadline tracking

The Prototype Planner: For People That Mean Business!

Check out the Prototype Planner campaign on Indiegogo.

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