Matt Wood’s Tech Inc Solutions Celebrates A Decade Of Being The Denver Area’s Premier IT Company

Gearing Up To Expand Northward To Ft. Collins, Tech Inc Solutions Is a Proactive, Comprehensive One Stop Shop Dedicated To Bringing Value To Its Clients’ Bottom Line

Denver, CO – December 9, 2015 - Even before he took his entrepreneurial leap of faith and launched Tech Inc Solutions – a comprehensive, value-driven firm that has become Denver’s premier IT Company – Matt Wood found creative ways to put his natural inclination for understanding technology to dynamic use.

            During his service in the United States Air Force, Matt worked on mission critical aircraft as a systems mechanic. This taught him the value of preventative maintenance and how to effectively respond to problems that surfaced outside of the upkeep window. Wood later worked in Risk Management at the City of Loveland where he further developed skills related to the identification, assessment and mitigation of business risks. His passion for entrepreneurship and technology landed him in Graduate School at Colorado State University, where he built the foundation for a career in Computer Information Systems.

Sensing some exciting new opportunities while observing the exponential growth of Managed Services, Wood began doing IT on the side while working at Platte River. He soon became so busy with clients that he decided to launch Tech Inc Solutions in 2005. He never had a doubt that an IT business built on processes, risk mitigation, preventative maintenance and a focus on the customer’s needs would be successful. 

            Tech Inc Solutions has served a diversified roster of businesses and professional services firms. Their customers include architects, legal, manufacturing, medical, engineering and financial services companies. Over the last decade, exploding technology has necessitated that most small businesses engage in, or at least consider, Managed IT Services. This naturally led to an explosion of other IT services firms throughout the Denver area. As Tech Inc. evolved, Wood has met those challenges with a strong vision of services and a level of commitment that helps the company stand out amongst strong competition.

It’s not with extraneous bells and whistles but with what he calls “exceptional product for the price.” Tech Inc doesn’t focus on the tools they use or try to convince their clients that their software is better than that of other IT companies. Driven by Wood’s empathetic desire to help business owners create a balance between the system maintenance life cycle and support, he believes in offering a superior product that is intelligently customized to the unique needs of each business, delivered in what he terms “expert fashion.” He is dedicated to service and bringing value to his client’s bottom line.

            On the company’s website, there’s a powerful list of “reasons you can depend on Tech Inc Solutions to keep you and your business up and running.” Tech Inc handles all aspects of IT infrastructure, including hardware and software management, vendor relationships, security and other related technology needs. Business owners love the One Stop Shop aspect and the peace of mind it brings for a predictable monthly fee. As for intangibles, Tech Inc’s dedication to quick response ensures that emergencies are addressed and handled in an expert manner – guaranteed.

            Having established a stronghold in Denver and the surrounding areas, Wood now has his sights set on expanding along the Front Range, north of the Mile High City, with a satellite office in Ft. Collins. Ironically, Tech Inc has been doing so well with referrals and the contracts it’s been serving thus far that Wood only recently began to focus on expanding its geographical reach and heightening its national profile. He sees a need for comprehensive Managed Services in Fort Collins and the surrounding area.

“We aim to be THE place business owners look to for full service IT, and in Denver, that’s no small task,” Wood says. “I believe our success to this point is due to our commitment to delivering the services we say we’ll deliver. The tools used to maximize efficiency differ at each customer, and our goal is to learn what they need so they can focus on their business while utilizing reliable IT systems. I have over a decade of operational and management experience, and have witnessed all aspects of the SMB IT environment. This has allowed me to develop a sharp eye for how businesses get bloated with IT inefficiencies and inadequately maintained systems.”

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