"Laying the groundwork" for new and prospective business owners

If you've been following the #wyostrong stories, you've had the pleasure to witness the men and women in our communities who have taken a scary, tragic time in their life and turned it into something good. Whether that be through remaining positive and open minded or through a personal revival of an old passion and turning it into a business.
If you've been reflecting on your own life and considering starting your own business or maybe you're in the process, here's some advice from Pinnacle Bank Wyoming to help you lay the groundwork:
The Right Stuff
If you’re not sure you have the right qualifications to become an entrepreneur, conduct a systematic self-assessment. The U.S. Small Business Administrationprovides a comprehensive questionnaire regarding business readiness, as do various universities and professional groups.
Play to your strengths
Learning to play to strengths and to offset weaknesses helps cultivate the positive attitude and leadership skills intrinsic to success.
Forge a Positive Attitude
Successful business owners are optimists able to weather the rough spots without losing heart. This is no easy task, especially with the planning, funding and other innumerable elements involved in starting a company. To stay positive and forward thinking, use these motivational tips:
  • Set goals – short and long term. Make sure they are attainable.
  • Develop a manageable plan of action.
  • Do it now. Procrastination can kill motivation and thwart success.
  • Accept challenges. Obstacles to success are a fact of life, so expect and prepare for challenges.
  • Enjoy what you do. Make work fun. Being too uptight can dampen enthusiasm and imagination.
  • Staff your company with positive people. Your employees should share your passion, so clearly define your vision for those you look to hire. Ask questions that draw out the interviewee’s motivations, attitude and ethics.
A Word about Leadership
The most successful business owners not only take concrete steps to ensure a strong business foundation, they also strive to cultivate their own leadership skills. In fact, dynamic entrepreneurs share common traits and characteristics that ignite their visions and engage their followers.
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