Key Features to Look for in 2 Axis Joysticks

Thanks to the presence of more joystick manufacturers in the industry today, you will always be spoilt for choice when you set out to buy your next 2 axis joysticks. The design may somewhat be the same but the features on different joysticks vary significantly. It is up to you to review the range of features available and select the Apem or CH joystick that offers you the functions that you really need. Often times, the overwhelming range of features can leave you confused. To make sure you don’t end up buying CCTV controllers or joysticks that will not suit your needs. Ensure the joysticks you consider have the following key features.


Innovative design

You don’t want an ugly 2 axis joystick on your table, do you? As much as functionality is a key thing you need to consider, make sure the joystick you end up buying is at least aesthetically appealing. However, by innovative design, this is not what we just mean.


Accuracy is a prime thing to consider in joystick. Go for the controllers with advanced features such as potentiometer tracks that offer analog signals proportional to the lever movement or up to 5 switched outputs per joystick’s half axis. If you can, go for the CCTV controllers that can be configured to a range of output signals as well as center/directional switching functions. There are also controllers that allow you to mount multiple joysticks side by side without any lever interference. The more innovative the product you select is the better.


Absolute reliability

Are the Apem joysticks you are considering going to be reliable? When considering the reliability of a controller, you have to consider durability or maintenance needs and ease of use. You need products with lever mechanics that have been design to offer smooth proportional control. The product should be able to withstand significant downward static load as well as significant maximum overload at full deflection.


Do not forget to look at the lifespan of the CCTV controllers you consider buying. Advanced systems have precious metal wiper and give low electrical noise. They also have a longer working life of more than 5 million operations with zero maintenance needed during this time.


Potentiometric sensing

The accuracy of the 2 axis joysticks will depend on the potentiometric sensing. The signal has to be proportional to the distance as well as direction the joystick has been moved. Advanced joysticks can be configured so that they give a signal to alert you of any fault. Understanding the technology used by different joystick manufacturers will help you make more informed choices.


The above are just the primary features you need to consider when shopping for CCTV controllers or gaming joysticks. It is always wise to match the available features with your target use. For example, if you need a wireless controller, you need to consider one that has a longer wireless range and one that does not disconnect unexpectedly. Taking time to speak with joysticks’ suppliers will help make the most informed choice.