Jasmin Stone announces the music video release for single "Time"

Los Angeles, CA - June 9, 2016 -- The latest musical offering from rising songwriting musician, film-composer and producer Jasmin Stone alludes to a mystical experience in both the song and music video for her single, "Time". Her first international record, "Time" is a highly whimsical tune that shines on Jasmin’s avant-garde pop musical style.

The music video captures all the mystic elements of the song which points to the concept that time is not as important as living in the now. "Time" was produced and mixed by Danton Supple (Coldplay/Morrissey) and mastered by Pete Maher (U2/Rolling Stones). To view the video on Youtube visit:

"Working with Jasmin was great. Such a gentle, unusual tone and melodies. She's happy to play with sounds to create an atmosphere to suit her story," said Danton Supple. "Her debut international release, "Time" was an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience. It has a mixture of the old and new and something fairytale-like about its sound."

A brief description of the music video explains:
This video tells a story. A bunch of dark fairies put a spell on a young man, and one of them marries him while he's asleep. The singer (his girl?) tries to touch his heart, but only the angel of doom can set him free from the spell. Everything happens in a strange magical forest - the trees are covered with colourful little jewels, toy-like snakes are hiding in the grass, fairy dust is in the air.

Influenced by the sounds of indie pop and alternative music, her last release is a creative production that reflects her overall musical style. Jasmin’s exceptionable vocals and noteworthy achievements including two ACUM Awards, "Album of the Year" by CUBE Magazine have helped her to amass a loyal following of music lovers eager to hear more.

Her 2015 film composition, "The Scientist" Soundtrack was one of her original scores for the Zach Klein-directed Spanish-Israeli film; The composition won the "Hollywood International Independent Documentary Award" for best score. Jasmin also collaborated with Nathan Slor to write the 2012 club hit, "After All the Love Is Gone." The record has since been remixed by DJ Offer Nissim who has incorporated the track into his performance set.

About Jasmin Stone

Introducing Jasmin Stone, an enigmatic creative force emerging from the fray, and she has been redefining the world of avant-garde pop music. Already heralded for her original musical style, and acclaimed for her gothic fairy-like undertones reminiscent of a sound that you would only achieve by placing Bjork & Adele in a dimly lit recording studio for the night- with a bottle of merlot; Having built an impressive body of work, Stone has produced four highly regarded solo albums.

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