Airwheel personal transportation electric skateboards: Perfect Way of Commuting

Office workers in metropolitan are always troubled by how to go to work or off work. Most of them live not far from their office, so driving a car is neither environmentally friendly nor cost effective. Yet if they take a bus, they may easily be late for work. Riding a bicycle is too exhausting and the electromobile may be stolen if there is no parking shed. Airwheel electric scooter, intelligent, fashionable, eco-friendly and convenient came into the sight of the public, offering a brand new transportation manner.

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Airwheel has prepared a comprehensive range of models that meet various requirements of different users. Its classic X-series is specially designed for adventurous and courageous riders while the self-developed twin-wheeled scooter Q-series, small and lovely, is more suitable for women. Compared with these two series, the S-series is more luxurious in style, with mode different models such as S5 and S8 self balancing electric scooter etc.

If the three series mentioned above are not attractive enough, the newly launched Z-series will definitely satisfy your needs. Powered by famously branded lithium-ion batteries, Airwheel Z3 and Z5 standing up electric scooters featuring by the multiple folding systems emit no exhaust, which contribute to the environmental protection to some extent. Also, the added USB port in Airwheel Z5 makes it popular among the office workers, as they can take off the battery to charge in the office. Meanwhile, it transforms the battery into a portable power source. With the modular battery design and comfortable riding posture, Airwheel Z-series serve a desirable commuting vehicle.

With such a vehicle, commutation can be a pleasant thing as well. If any office commuter wants to escape from the traffic jams and become the spotlight of the passers-by, what he needs to do is ride an Airwheel intelligent electric scooter right now.

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