Comparison between Fosjoas U3 and V9 self-balancing two-wheel scooters

The intelligent chip is fine-tuned for instantaneous and intuitive control. Based on fuzzy algorithm, aviation altitude control technique, and gyroscope system, Fosjoas U3 and V9 two-wheeled self-balancing scooter can keep itself balanced automatically. The smart protection can monitor the real-time data of the motor and turning angles so as to provide precise and comfortable manoeuvrability.

Both of them are equipped with four inch LED, for rider’s convenience to display more information including speed, temperature, battery level, mileage, etc. The enlarged and sealed bass sound chamber is designed to amaze you with professional sound quality and give you an unmatched music experience. For the scooter lovers, they have in-depth investigation into Fosjoas U3 and V9 self-balancing two-wheel scooters in terms of the shaft, tyres and thrust. If you are hesitating between the two models, it is believed that the following analysis will help you out.

Compared with Fosjoas two-wheeled self-balancing scooter V9, Fosjoas U3 SUV self-balancing electric scooter is equipped with the foldable shaft so that Fosjoas U3 can be easily put into trunk. In terms of tyres, Fosjoas installs two jumbo tyres in Fosjoas U3 2 wheel electric scooter for its position. The two jumbo tyres enable U3 to pass many terrains and even steps. Just because of the two jumbo tyres, Fosjoas U3 lives up to the market position. In another word, the two jumbo tyres make Fosjoas U3 be the personal ATV. Whereas Fosjoas V9 is merely used for the even road. Thereby it is understandable that they are equipped with the different tyres.

Fosjoas U3 intelligent self-balancing scooter has a stronger thrust than Fosjoas V9. The tough terrains call for Fosjoas U3 to own a stronger thrust. Fosjoas U3 is equipped with a battery group, which is far stronger than Fosjoas V9. While the Fosjoas V9 self-balancing two wheels scooter is much affordable for the public and the excellent performance can meet most of the riders’ demands.

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