Tracy Ann Lisa debuts new single, "This Again"

Los Angeles, CA - April 12, 2016 -- Singer and songwriter Tracy Ann Lisa aka TAL has announced the release of her new uptempo reggae/pop single " This Again." You can hear the song on ReverbNation at "This Again" is also available on TAL's official website

About Tracy Ann Lisa

Tracy Ann Lisa Williams aka TAL is Caribbean by birth, a singer-songwriter & actress who grew up in NY. Born in Jamaica, Tracy migrated to the Bronx New York in the 90s. Her mother then moved her and her siblings to Mount Vernon where she went to Franko Middle School and then to Mount Vernon High School. After modeling for a short period in New York, she became familiar with the nuances of trying to break into an entertainment career. "For modeling, I did the trade shows, churches briefly, and then got one solid offer when I was sixteen in Manhattan, but I would have had to move to Paris away from my family and I turned it down. Thinking back, I believe my path was just meant to be different. I was told I was too short too, singing was quickly suppressed by just life, theater too, but you know when you're meant to be where you are and to be doing what you're doing, I have no regrets. Any life experience whatever they are continue to surprise me and I'm thankful, you just have to believe in yourself and stay true to who you are, what you do and know that these milestones are the things that makes you tougher, anyone in an entertainment career can attest to that." - TAL

Official website: