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For numerous organizations Six Sigma is a certain measure of quality, which is aiming towards the perfection. The Six Sigma approach is driven by actual date as well as methodology, it is disciplined and designed to eliminate any defects in the process, regardless of whether it is manufacturing or a transaction from an item to a service.

The main goal of the Six Sigma methodology is implementing the strategy that is based on measurement and it focuses on improving the process as well as reducing variation via applying the Six Sigma improvement projects. These things are accomplished using two sub-methodologies – DMAIC and DMADV. The DMAIC process (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) is a very special improvement system for the processes that are below specifications and that are seeking improvement. The DMADV process (define, measure, analyze, design, verify) is a special improvement system that is aimed at developing new products or processes at the levels of the Six Sigma. Both of those processes are being ran by Six Sigma Green Belts as well as Six Sigma Black Belts and therefore are being overseen by the Six Sigma master Black Belts.

According to the Six Sigma Academy, Black Belts save companies approximately $230,000 per project and can complete four to six projects per year. (Given that the average Black Belt salary is $80,000 in the United States, that is a fantastic return on investment.) General Electric, one of the most successful companies implementing Six Sigma, has estimated benefits on the order of $10 billion during the first five years of implementation. GE first began Six Sigma in 1995 after Motorola and Allied Signal blazed the Six Sigma trail. Since then, thousands of companies around the world have discovered the far reaching benefits of Six Sigma.

The Six Sigma Academy actually claims that its Black Belts save nearly $230 000 every year for the companies per project. During the first five years of implementation, General Electric – one of the most successful companies that have managed to implement Six Sigma, reported nearly $10 billion in profits. The General Electric company began implementing Six Sigma back in 1995, after Allied Signal and Motorola. Thousands of companies all over the globe has implemented the Six Sigma standards since. is offering a one of a kind possibility to pass Six Sigma Practice Exams online. The exam is flexible and very convenient, since you will be taking it on the net, it is also affordable and you can get ASQ Six Sigma Certification faster and for a better cost.

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