Get into the #GiveHeifer Holiday Spirit!

Holidays are the time of year when we all want to feel warm and cozy. Heifer gifts for the holidays aren’t just a donation. Your gift of an animal is one critical brick in the foundation of a future free of poverty for a family in need.

Over the last 70 years, Heifer International has given more than 20.7 million families the gift of livestock and training to help them lift themselves out of poverty. Each family then passes on the offspring of the animal they received, setting off a chain of giving that can go on indefinitely as each recipient family passes on offspring, knowledge and training. It’s called Passing on the Gift®, and it’s the hallmark of our development model. In fact, the average gift is passed on 9 times.

How can you get into the holiday spirit this season with Heifer?

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o You don’t have to have a festive sweater to feel warm and cozy this Holiday season. Give a gift that builds sustainable, self-reliant livings for families and communities around the world. #GiveHeifer

o Are you ready to get in to the Holiday Spirit? This year, #GiveHeifer and make a huge difference in the life of a family struggling with poverty. Together, we can build a sustainable future for all.

o   This holiday season take a new route when it comes to giving. Send a girl to school, provide a flock of chicks to a family in need, or help provide access to clean drinking water for an impoverished village. #GiveHeifer today!


o   Looking for the perfect gift? Shop @Heifer's "Most Important Gift Catalog in the World." #GiveHeifer:

o   #GiveHeifer this holiday season & help a family in need unlock their potential with @Heifer.

o    This holiday season #GiveHeifer – it’s the gift that keeps on giving with @Heifer!

o   This Holiday season, give the gift of a future free from poverty with @Heifer! #GiveHeifer

o   Are you ready to get into the Holiday Spirit? #GiveHeifer & make a difference to a family in need:



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