Over $500,000 has been stolen from our community in the last few years, First Bank of Wyoming does their part to help

(Park County, Wyo.) - In an interview with Bob Golden, COO of First Bank of Wyoming, he says, "It’s alarming the number of cases we’ve dealt with, just in our small community alone, and it is devastating to witness the effect this fraud has on the victims and their families.”
He's speaking to the over $500,000 that has been stolen over the last few years from Park County residents who were victims of different lottery scams. And the worst part is, there is very little chance the victims will ever get their money back.
Bob Golden has been working closely with the community, the state and law enforcement to fight elder abuse and fraud. He and his team recognize they can help identify potential fraud to their customers before it's too late.
With the help of Robin Raduenz, lead teller and trainer at their Cody branch, they've started focusing on their first line of defense, the Teller Line. All staff, especially tellers, are trained to recognize fraudulent checks and unusual activity or behavior- a possible sign that something is wrong. Their team knows how to take action to protect our customers and stop fraud in its tracks.
First Bank of Wyoming urges residents of Park County to be on alert for possible scammers trying to steal your money. Here's their advice and some common themes to watch for with the sweepstakes and lottery scams:
  1. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.
  2. Did you really enter the contest? If you don't remember, you probably didn't and it is not real.
  3. If they instruct you not to tell anyone, they are lying to you and trying to steal your money.
  4. A legitimate lottery or sweepstakes will never ask you to pay money up-front to receive your winnings.
  5. If you have questions, please talk to friends, family, law enforcement or your bank.
If you, or someone you know, has been informed that you/they won a sweepstakes or lottery and you're unsure if it is a scam, the staff at First Bank of Wyoming are happy to help!
In one final sentiment from Bob, he says, "If this article can just stop one person from falling victim to the fraud, that would be great.”