Notabli, Popular Private Social Network For Families, Launches First Automatic Book Printing Service

Notabli has launched Notabli Books, the automatic photo book printing service that leverages the photos parents are privately sharing and curating of their kids on Notabli. Notabli – the family-focused private social network that makes it easy for parents to curate a collection of photos, videos, audio, quotes, and notes about their kids – now truly simplifies photo book printing with Notabli Books.

Notabli Books take the hassle and time out of creating photo books about kids. It’s as easy as naming your subscription, picking a book color, and choosing the kids you would like to be included in your books. Each time 50 photos are added for the chosen kids, Notabli sends a beautiful premium hardcover book to your doorstep for $39, including shipping. Family and friends can also subscribe to Notabli Books, so grandparents can automatically receive books of the best photos of their grandchildren. While a book is being built, users have the opportunity to exclude photos. One-off books can also be printed from existing subscriptions.

Notabli Books feature:

  • 8” x 8” hardcover books with colorful, matte, spill-resistant covers

  • Mohawk Premium Eggshell Paper

  • $39 per book

  • Printed in the USA  

  • Free shipping for automatic books

Notabli, available on the web, iOS and Android, is used by people in more than 160 countries. Notabli’s features and availability on all major platforms have transformed it into a vibrant private network; an elegant solution for parents to share, protect and respectfully build a digital collection of moments as their children grow. Images are full resolution, video is HD, and all content is fully-owned by parents and easy to download or export at any time. Notabli has some familiar elements of social media: you invite people, you share, ‘heart’ posts, and comment, but the end result is a lasting collection of kids’ best moments. Notabli is ad-free and the company doesn’t sell or exploit the data of parents or children.

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