Richard Hackerman is Your Reliable Bankruptcy Attorney

Baltimore, Maryland – Several people file for personal bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 without a Baltimore bankruptcy attorney. Instead, they wind up representing themselves because they simply cannot afford the attorney fees while others do not feel the need to hire one. While filing for bankruptcy on your own is possible, it is not always the wisest decision. It requires careful preparation and understanding of several legal issues. If you have any misunderstanding or make any mistake throughout the process, it can affect your personal rights; therefore, it is better if you get help from a knowledgeable and experienced attorney – Richard Hackerman.


Being bankrupt is a very scary position to be in, especially with how the media portrays us with these nightmare tales of having a great life and then going completely broke. This happens especially with gossip columns and the latest celebrities that have gone bankrupt. Once you hear it, you will surely fear undergoing the same situation. While we live in a world where the economy constantly fluctuates and, thus, living in debt is an accepted norm, you certainly would want to be in a more stable ground. However, some things just happen and you might one day find yourself financially struggling. The question is, “When should you declare bankruptcy?”


A few things to consider when you have to assess your situation include if you make minimum payments on your credit cards, if you find bill collectors often calling you, if you feel out of control or scared when dealing with your finances, if you use credit cards to pay for your necessities, if you are considering debt consolidation, if you are unsure of how much you owe, and other similar situations. If these are a few of your concerns, you might want to give your financial situation a little more assessment.


If you find yourself struggling with your finances, you do not have to work on it alone. The Law Office of Richard J. Hackerman is there to help. He is a Baltimore bankruptcy attorney who concentrates on consumer bankruptcy matters which include foreclosure defense, and Chapter 7 and 13 cases. Several of his clients come from all walks of life, many of them living the all American dream with beautiful homes and a steady job. Most of his clients would have never predicted that they would seek his services. Attorney Hackerman has represented several people who considered themselves as financially secure, but nonetheless found themselves struggling to pay their bills.


Several people think that filing for bankruptcy is a shameful thing to do. This is expected of a reaction because it is hard for anyone to accept that they have reached the end or that they have spent all of their money. Nevertheless, it is best to deal with it and do everything you can instead of waiting around. If you are hesitant to file for bankruptcy because you are unaware of how to get the process done, Attorney Richard J. Hackerman is more than willing to provide you with his services. He is knowledgeable about all the legalities that are involved in the judicial proceedings and he can confidently assist you in completing the process.


Initially, he will look into your case. This is an important step because he needs to assess whether the bankruptcy is voluntary or involuntary. Also, there are some circumstances wherein you are not eligible for bankruptcy. In addition, bankruptcy laws differ in each state, which is why it is best for him to take these matters into consideration to make a critical study of your financial position.


In Baltimore, Maryland several residents have come to trust Attorney Richard J. Hackerman. Not only does he have full knowledge of the business laws, but he also has strong communication skills and negotiation tactics. For years he has been helping taxpayers and businesses of all sizes in dealing with their financial issues of all types. He is one of the most experienced bankruptcy lawyers and he is more than ready and willing to be of service to you.


There is no need for you to look elsewhere because Richard J. Hackerman is your reliable Baltimore bankruptcy attorney. You can contact his office in West University Parkway Baltimore for a free consultation, and he will listen attentively to your debt consolidation concerns. Instead of feeling embarrassed about resolving your financial situation on your own, you can work on it together with no judgment. For more information, you can call him at 410-243-8800 to find out how he can help you.