Kyler's hearing transformation with Dr. Swift from Campbell County Health

(Gillette, Wyo.) - When Mony Fischer's son Kyler had surgery in Denver to place tubes in his ears, the toddler had an adverse reaction to the anesthesia and almost died. After having difficulty during a hearing exam, Kyler had been referred to Campbell County Medical Group's Dr. Ian Swift at Ear, Nose & Throat. Ultimately, Dr. Swift discovered that Kyler's hearing was reduced because his ears had stopped draining and needed new tubes put in. Mony was terrified for her son, but reluctantly moved forward with the surgery.
"His vocabulary has gone from hardly speaking to knowing what he wants pretty much all the time," Mony said. "Being able for him to talk is all I ever wanted for him. It's a huge milestone for what I wanted for him."
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Feature Image: Mony Fischer, Kyler and Dr. Swift
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