2021 Hernia Repair Market Global Analysis and Forecasts

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The advancement of hernia repair has been hallmarked by three significant shifts in surgical treatment. The first was the transition from the "tension" techniques, which involved the use of sutures to tie adjacent tissue layers together, to a "tension-free" technique that incorporated flat sheets of mesh to bridge the defect. The second transition was the overwhelming adoption of large pore meshes in replacement of small pore meshes. Both shifts were prompted by improvements in patient outcomes. The third transition is currently underway as surgeons adopt the laparoscopic technique over the standard open technique.

Companies discussed/mentioned in this research AMI: Agency for Medical Innovation, Angiologica, Aspide Medical, Assut Europe, Atrium Medical, B. Braun Surgical, Cook Medical, Cousin Biotech, Covidien, C. R. Bard, Ethicon, FEG Textiltechnik mbH, LifeCell, Proxy Biomedical, TEI Biosciences and W. L. Gore & Associates

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Key Questions Answered in this research:

·         What are the procedure volumes for different hernia indications in different countries? How will the volumes change in the next a few years?

·         Growth in the hernia repair market lies with an increasing adoption in laparoscopic procedures. What are the current adoption trends in different geographies? How will laparoscopic approach grow in the upcoming years?

·         Large pore synthetic mesh has been the mainstream product for years but latest products such as composite and biologic meshes are receiving increasing attention from surgeons. What are the current adoption trends towards different mesh types in different geographies? How will the adoption trends shift in the near future?

·         There are various hernia mesh types and different mesh companies have a different strategic product focus. Who are the leading players in the hernia repair market in different countries?

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Research discusses:

·         Unmet Needs

·         Competitive Assessment

·         Industry Overview

·         Current and Future Players

·         Market Drivers, Opportunities, and Barriers

·         Country Outlooks & Forecasts