Surge Arrester - A Device to Protect Electrical Equipment from Over-Voltage Transients

Surge arresters are used to protect electronic appliances and machineries from damages caused due to sudden voltage surges. The surge arresters are attached on the conductors just before it enters the electrical equipments. A surge arrester is a type of device utilized to protect electrical equipment from transient surges of high voltage caused by internal or external events. This device is also known as a transient voltage surge suppressor or surge protection device and is utilized for the protection of equipment within power distribution and transmission systems. A surge arrester is attached to the ground and operates by the process of rerouting the excess energy.

Surge Arresters Market News:

The market of surge arresters in primarily being driven due to the changing lifestyle of the working population, and the increasing disposable income, which is creating a need for automated electronic products to reduce their household works. This in return is creating a demand for protecting these devices from voltage fluctuations. This need is fueling the growth for surge arresters market. Furthermore, the growing awareness for need of renewable energy sources is also acting as a driver for the market. Emerging nations such as India and China is witnessing the development of power plants which will be generating energy by using renewable sources of energy such as sun, water and wind. This factor is creating the need for surge arresters in order to protect the heavy machineries from damages caused due to voltage overflow and fluctuations. In addition, the commercial sector is also witnessing the growth in electronic devices in order to reduce the manpower. However, the introduction of electronic devices is also increasing the maintenance costs due to electrical damages of the devices such as short circuit. This is in return spurring the growth of surge arresters in the commercial sector.

The market has been analyzed to reach USD 2.4 billion in 2021 growing at a CAGR of 5.1%. The increasing demand for electronic appliances in household is acting as a driver for the market. In addition, the ongoing industrialization in emerging economies is also creating a need for surge arresters in order to protect the machines from electrical damages.

Brochure Explaining Surge Arresters Technology and its Uses:

Rising Demand for Electric Appliances to Boost Surge Arresters Market

 The global surge arresters market is being fuelled by the rising demand for electric appliances within households owing to the increasing disposable incomes and changing lifestyles of individuals all around the globe. Electronic appliances may get damaged owing to sudden voltage surges and surge arresters are being used to protect them. In addition, the growing awareness in favor of power generation via renewable energy sources is boosting the development of the surge arrester market. The growing industrialization in developing countries is also stimulating the demand for surge arresters. Furthermore, the soaring costs involved in the maintenance of machinery owing to fluctuations in voltage have fuelled the demand for surge arresters within industrial applications.