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Herbicides China News 1510 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. In 2015, China's glyphosate market is sluggish and paraquat is impacted and of confusing market prospect. Therefore, glufosinate-ammonium, dicamba and 2,4-D gradually become the herbicides that draw much attention of herbicide industry. Take 2,4-D as an example, in Jan.-Aug. 2015, its export volume achieved a YoY rise of 44%, and the growth is estimated to go up in H2 2015. Affected by the Tianjin Blast, cyanuric chloride price recorded large rise, which boosts the price of atrazine.

Nevertheless, paraquat is again hit under the market downturn. Now, Brazil is collecting public opinions on whether to ban paraquat nationwide. If Brazil actually bans paraquat, China's paraquat export business will be impacted. After all, Brazil is one of the top ten export destinations of China's paraquat. We cannot help asking, how far can China's paraquat go in the future?

Companies Mentioned

Zhejiang Shenghua Biok Biology Co., Ltd. ; Jiangsu Institute of Ecomones Co., Ltd.; Shenzhen Noposion Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.; Lier Chemical Co., Ltd.

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